Monday, May 30, 2016


So. When I was in Italy with my sisters, I was surprised to find that none of them knew what a pashmina was. I explained it as a large shawl/scarf. My girls and I love them! They fold up so small and can be carried in your purse. We take them to the theater or movies. It's just the thing to take the chill off. I always carry one (or more) when I travel. If it's chilly, I'll wrap it around my neck. If it's not, I just tie it on to my purse and have it handy at all times.

When I decided to write this post about pashminas, I looked it up in the dictionary to see what the real definition was. I learned a couple things myself. Pashmina: 1. fine material made from goat's wool; 2. a fabric or garment made from pashm (the under hair of goats), especially a shawl, wrap or scarf. 3. a long piece of clothing made from pashmina and worn around a woman's neck.

I was surprised at this: "Another very well-known word for cashmere is pashmina"!

While in Rome, a street vendor was selling 100% cashmere pashminas. He wanted 10 Euros. I talked him down to 7. Then, when I went to pay, I only had 10's. I felt a little foolish, so gave him the 10 after all. I figure street sellers need the money. Anyway, I'm not foolish enough to think I could really get 100% cashmere for that price.
I decided to find out if this could be real. As it turns out, fakes are really easy to sort out. Oftentimes, the tag will have the word cashmere misspelled. The other dead give-away is if the tag is glued on. This one is. According to the source I found, no one would ever put glue on fine cashmere. Makes sense. So I got a fake--and that's totally okay with me.
I loved the colors of this one. I had brought two with me to Italy---one pink and one coral and orange because those were my clothing colors for the trip. They came in handy many times. I even loaned them to family. I ended up having to wash one in the hotel because one family member got spaghetti sauce on it in a chilly restaurant.

Anyway, when we were at the market in Florence, just about everyone bought pashminas. Some for gifts, others for themselves. Since we were buying so many, I did the bargaining and got them for 6 Euros each. I think among all of us we bought about 15.
They were so pretty with many colors and patterns. They also make really good swimsuit sarongs. They can even wrap chubby girls!
The tag was glued on, so that might mean there is no cashmere at all. I don't really know. But I do know that this tag make me happy. It will always remind me of our Italy trip. Okay, maybe not, because when it was all said and done, I forgot to get one for myself. I definitely wanted one of these colorful ones from Florence. Amidst the bargaining and all the picking out, I overlooked myself.

My pashmina came in handy one day when it rained. It got wet, but didn't soak all the way through. I had already lost my "jacket in a packet" so didn't have any rain protection. It was just the thing to keep me warm.

After I got home, Butch and I were discussing the weather for Steeplechase. He told me that it was going to be chilly. I told him that he better let the girls know. He said, "I've already texted them to bring a pashmina". With all of these girls in the family, it's no wonder that he knows what a pashmina is and can use the correct lingo as necessary. I emailed my sisters about our conversation.
Sharon responded that when Matt saw her pashmina he asked if it was a table runner.

Hmmm---another good use! So many options!
Here are my pashminas---3 stacks. You know, my multiples problem. Many colors and shades. Last year I got rid of quite a few. Morgan was quite put out with me that I didn't offer them to the granddaughters before I donated them. They love them too!!

Do you pashmina?


  1. I don' pashmina; but I am thinking now that I should.

  2. Yes I do. I discovered long ago that they are perfect as a cover up when it gets chilly on a flight

  3. I never have, but I'm thinking it might be a worthwhile investment!


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