Thursday, June 16, 2016

Don't You Just Love a Good Surprise?

I know I do. There's nothing like the unexpected---the good type of course---to make me happy!

As I was sitting and reading on the porch swing, I noticed this.

 It's a little snapdragon growing in the bricks. Now that's what I call a happy surprise!
At first I couldn't imagine how it got here. Then I remembered that there are snapdragons in the flowerpots by the front door. Since it's a bit of a distance away, either a seedling blew, or was carried by one of the many critters we have around here. I't will be interesting to see how long it lasts as summer has really hit! We're already to that point where you step outside and the humidity takes your breath away.
 And then there's this. Our little pond on the patio. It's not very big, but it's just big enough for our fish to last from year to year. Well, unless the herons stop by for lunch. Here's that story.
In all the years we've had fish, we've never had so many babies! We have nearly a dozen that made it from last year. They are so cute. Just another little happy surprise. We let any visiting kids feed them. My little buddy, Merrit (Connie's grandson) knows right where the fish food is. Technically, you do not have to feed them. They have plenty of food from mosquito larvae and insects to plant material. We like to feed them because then they come to the surface and you can watch them.

Update on the moleinator. I talked to him yesterday. He's caught 5 so far. He will continue to put out the traps until there are no longer any caught. That makes me happy too. I don't like critters destroying my lawn and gardens.

To tell you the truth, I'm just basically a happy person!


  1. I've just put the heating on here!!

    I spent an afternoon taking weeds out of our grass last week. But I would certainly have left that little surprise alone if I'd spotted it. How lovely.

  2. You literally have surprises popping up everywhere don't you. Those would make me happy too.


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