Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mindy and Justin's New Condo

Mindy bought her condo in the Rhythm downtown 4 1/2 years ago. Once she got married, it was just too small---827 sq ft. She and Justin love their location, so they decided that they wanted to stay in the same building. The condo market is HOT in Nashville! They don't last long. Luckily, they were able to get a two-bedroom unit with 1100 sq. ft. Only 2 of those had come on the market in the last 2 years! Anyway, the move is done!

My pictures are not all that good due to the bright light coming in the windows.
 The biggest problem in the old place was the tiny closet. Now they have a nice size master closet.
Justin was finally able to get his clothes off the floor!

They bought a Futon for the extra bedroom so now they can have guests.
There's another nice closet. They also have a wine cooler in there.
 Justin's dad made something for the tv to sit on so they can still use their vintage stereo without having to move the tv. You can still slide open the doors as the tv sits above them.
There are still a few things to be done. Mindy is having a sliding "barn door" made to cover the closet. Who makes a closet without a door?
I guess that would be the same person who designed a kitchen without any drawers! Butch has come up with a solution for that. Love the Lionel Richie cutting board---"is it me you're cooking for?"

 Lowering the shades didn't help much. We put the pictures over the couch in the photos below.
 I guess I need to go down there at night and get some pictures.
Justin's uncle was a well-known, local photographer in New England. His aunt sent him many photos for a wedding gift. We had them framed in black, barn wood frames.
This wall is not complete yet. This is going to be their "wedding" wall. We still are waiting on the wedding portraits. I just ordered them in May.
This is their "his and hers" wall in the guest room. His side is on the left with his autographed Goonies print and the photos I gave him at Christmas time from when he was little. Her side has her autographed Will and Grace photo, Dumbo picture (from Stephanie---made out of a Dumbo record) and a print of Times Square with all of the theater marquees.

That's about it. Mindy and Justin are really enjoying more room.

Oh, and the old place is SOLD!---in a little over a week!


  1. Oh yeah, Nashville real estate is hot, because it's such a fun town. Their new place looks great - cozy contemporary I'd say.

  2. How wonderful that they were able to find a larger place in such a hot market! It looks fabulous!


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