Saturday, April 9, 2016


Thinking:  About how happy I am that the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Fishing, here I come!

Thankful for:  This little gizmo:
It allows me to plug a thumb drive in to my computer to transfer pictures. Still trying to get the iCloud thing figured out. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support trying to learn how I can save pictures permanently on my computer. If I delete them from there or from my phone, they are gone forever! I don't want the photos on my phone, but can't delete them. I'll be running out of space soon, I'm sure, if I don't get this figured out.

Cooking: I thought I was going to have a recipe to share, but have decided to hold off. I made a really old recipe from my grandma Z. last night for the guys' poker night (they've been playing once a month for nearly 30 years now---we girls go out to dinner). Anyway, it was a disaster. The casserole didn't cook---vegetables were raw. The guys had to resort to pizza. I'm going to try cooking the casserole today, but it may be too late to salvage it. Butch said the dessert was good. That was a new recipe. I have't had it yet. If I really like it, I'll be sure to share that recipe.

Wearing: Time to get out the capris. Unfortunately, my legs are so white---kind of hard to get used to.

Hoping: To get my closet cleaned out. Who am I kidding. That's not going to happen. I might as well just wait until next January! 

Taking: A new stitching class that was supposed to start in April. I'll be teaching it to Stephanie and Mindy. We all have done the pre-work and were ready to begin. Now I find out that it won't start until the end of the month. In the mean time, I didn't have anything to stitch, so I'm finishing up some Easter eggs for Mindy. I finished the pig this week:
The dimensions are 5"x4"---really fun to stitch. Just as much fun as the first time I made them!

Planning: More layouts for our Christmas album. These colors are up next:

I really like using non-traditional colors for Christmas---like this recent pillow I made:

Working: I'm not planning on working at all today! Just fun---scrapbooking and stitching. Of course I'll throw a little reading in too.

Reading: The Lake House by Kate Morton. I had this book on my sample list---plus a friend from bridge told me I needed to read it. I have read everything she's written: The Secret Keeper, The Winter Garden, The House at Riverton and The Distant Hours. Kate Morton writes intriguing mysteries from a bygone era.

Loving: Our Sonos sound system. I put on a playlist called "Generational Party Mix" from Spotify at happy hour. We got a good mix of songs from "Ooom Bop" to "Shout"! 

Watching:  Catching up on my favorite shows. I like to let them "pile up" so I can binge watch several. Today, I'm going to catch up on Scandal  and Bates Motel.

Bumming:  That this happened Thursday morning:
How is it that people think it's okay to block traffic lanes? Drivers around here tend to only thing of themselves. Okay, at least I was distracted by the cool old car. Too bad they haven't gotten a new paint job to bring it back to it's former glory. 

Another thing concerning driving---last week, someone blocked me in again!! This time I was with a really skinny friend. She couldn't get in to back it out either. There was a humongous truck blocking me. We took her car to lunch and came back an hour later. The truck was still there. Nancy ended up having to climb in on the passenger's side and climb over the console to back it out for me. I can't do that. Or at least I think I can't. I have done it before, but it was really hard. Unfortunately, I'll be keeping this car a while longer.

Hearing:  News about the Vanderbilt rape trial. I do not know if this is a national story. It's really sad---so many lives ruined. At a minimum, one of the guys will get 15 years without possibility of parole. He can get up to 61 years without possibility of parole. I've always tried to remind the grands that you really need to think about what you do. One wrong move and it becomes the defining moment of your life. No matter the outcome, that will be what people know about your forever.

Appreciating:  That we can afford to let our grandchildren experience everything that college offers. Specifically, Jordan is going to Japan in May to take a class. She has loved Anime and Pokemon for as long as I can remember. Even though she's 21, she still asks for Pokemon cards for Christmas. I hope this trip is everything she wants it to be. Japan is not on my bucket list.

Regretting:  That I cannot find Hydrox cookies around here. I read an article that they were coming back. I emailed my cousins in St. Louis---I used to have them at their house every time I spent the night. Within one day, Chrissy texted me that she found them at her regular grocery store!!! If you've never had a Hydrox cookie, it's like an Oreo---only better. 

That's it from around here. Wassup with you?


  1. Well,we certainly don't have nearly as much going on as you do! Still knitting - and thinking about taking a step up from socks to do a topdown sweater on a big circular needle - still teaching one to drive and helping the other pack up to go back to college. Thinking about holidays, but no definite plans yet

  2. Wow, you have been very busy.
    Love all of your stitching projects. I know the work and time that goes into them…beautiful.
    I am intrigued with that technical gadget you first showed for your photos.
    I have an external hard is pretty small, but yours is so so tiny.

  3. Well, I'm still hunting for the Hydrox cookies too. Have a different store I plan to run by today on the way to the dry cleaners. I like that you are using pink with your Christmas scrapping, and that stitching project is adorable. There certainly is lots up @ your place.


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