Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A # of Things

Mindy's bridal portrait shoot was a couple of weeks ago. #1. We went back to her old alma mater where we had taken her First Communion photos. #2. St. Cecilia Academy (SCA) has been the butt of jokes for many years because of those fearsome scarabs. #3. They've finally decided to embrace them! #4. If you look close you can see the little line of ladybugs walking on the sign.
I went to Atlanta last week with Stephanie---well just because I hadn't been anywhere in at least a couple of weeks! #1. Ya' gotta love a hotel that provides outlets on their bedside lamps. #2.  Thanks Hampton Inn!
Picked up the "preserved" wedding dress. #1. Where the heck are we going to keep this? #2. How do we know if the dress is really in there? #3. Wedding expenses continue...
I really don't understand scented candles. #1. Yankee Candles have been my favorites. #2. Recently, I've tried Bath and Body Works candles. #3. Some smell throughout the house and others just don't. #4. This one from BBW smells so good all through the house (well, most of it), but is really too strong in the kitchen where it's burning. #5. Others smell good just where they are burning. #6. You really don't know what you're going to get until you buy them.
 Butch gave me a Groupon for Christmas to Music City Tea. #1. I didn't know we had a tea company. #2. I went after stopping at Hobby Lobby which looked to be right across the street. After driving around for 15 minutes, I discovered it's in the same shopping center as HL! #3. Who knew?
 OMGosh! #1. Remember those pesky pantry moths? #2. It's been nearly two years since it began---August 2014. #3. I've had the traps out ever since. #4. I've gone months with no moths. #5. Just like that, one moth two months in a row. #6. I'll be using these traps forever!
 Last Saturday, the girls and I went to the Southern Women's Show. #1. Met the channel 2 morning crew---Justin and Dawn. #2. Huge show. #3. Crowded. #4. Still a lot of fun!
 Mindy wanted us to go for this reason. #1. Neil---morning anchor on the left introducing Val Chermovsky. #2. Dancing with the Stars.

#1. I have another bronchial thing going on. Since the cough lingered so long from the last one I might go to the doctor this time. Maybe.
#2. Butch left for the beach this morning. Protecting the investments.
#3. Getting everything organized for our latest stitching class. Fiber purchases on the agenda.
#4. Finishing up the closet today. Swimsuit try ons---UGH!
#5. Looking forward to playing in my scrapbook room! Can't wait! Fun AFTER the work!

How are your  numbers shaping up?


  1. I think you should go to the doctor. Just think if he sorted it out and you felt even more energetic. Actually, that's quite a scary thought.

  2. Yes, go to the doctor. You should want a solution to that problem at least as much if not more than the moths in the pantry. And I can tell you that my wedding dress box actually had a window on the front so that the bodice of the dress showed through - on I know it is still in there some 31 years (this week) later. I always know where it is at - under the bed in the guest room.


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