Sunday, April 24, 2016


My weekends always start on Friday.

Connie and I met her daughter, Amanda and grandchildren for lunch at Cinco de Mayo. The kids are growing up so fast. They are always fun to talk to---Analise is nearing teendom and is all about social media. She showed me some music videos that she and her cousin, Grace made. It amazes me what kids can do these days. She follows me on Pinterest---which I think is hilarious. I can't imagine which of my boards she would be remotely interested in: The Royals, Recipes, Scrapbooking, Fonts, etc. Her boards are what you would expect of a young girl: Hair styles, make-up, nail art, etc. I'm following her back, but I don't get on Pinterest much. That's one area where you can get carried away and waste hours!

Merritt got third place for his pinewood derby in Cub Scouts. When I heard that, I asked Connie to tell him to bring it. I knew he would love showing it off and telling me all about it.
He's the cutest guy and so well behaved. Sometimes he has a hard time getting a word in with his big sister---who wants to tell his stories for him. Maybe he doesn't talk fast enough for her!! Connie's always trying to "shush" her. It doesn't bother me at all. I had a couple of talkers when my girls were growing up too! Heck, I can be quite a talker myself!
Anyway, I asked Merritt about his car. He said that you buy a kit, then carve it and decorate it. He said it was a lot of fun to work on and took about a month because they didn't work on it every day. Apparently there are specific rules for the cars. They can't tape pennies to the bottom of them anymore.

I love to talk to the kids about school. Merritt is the more serious student. I always ask him about books. He's in the 3rd grade. I asked if he reads Amelia Bedelia and was quickly informed that---that was soooo 2nd grade! Analise, on the other hand will take the subject of school and go straight to all of her extracurricular activities. Gym is her favorite "subject!" Both of the kids do a lot of sports.

I'm happy to report that not only have I finished my closet clean-out, but I've also cleaned out my dresser and nightstand. All I have left is my vanity in the bathroom.
I have about 150 empty hangers now. I probably had 50 to spare to begin with. I love the neat, uniformity that matching hangers give to a closet. They're pretty cheap to buy---maybe 2 bucks for a dozen.
Of course I had to have matching white wooden pants hangers. I bought them on Amazon a few years ago. They were not this expensive when I bought them. Maybe you can find them cheaper elsewhere.
I bought those two white bins from Target---$7.00. One has socks, the other---underwear. I need to get one more for my "over the shoulder boulder holders." The baskets came in a lot of pretty pastel colors. I couldn't decide, so I just settled on white. Can't go wrong with that!
Nothing has changed here. I rarely wear necklaces, but there weren't any I wanted to part with.
Butch has been meaning to clean out his closet. He has nothing to be ashamed of here. His closet is always neat and tidy.
I'm showing these pictures to make the point that it doesn't really matter what type of hangers you use as long as they all match---like these white wired shirt hangers---just the cheapie ones from the cleaners. I never realized he had his clothes all color coordinated too.
 Okay, so there's one wooden suit hanger that doesn't match the others. Not too bad.
 And then there's this. I'm not quite sure what this is a collection of---but random hangers for sure.
I'd like to know what Butch thinks he has to clean out. It all looks pretty good to me.

Now on to my cousin, Chris! First off, Happy Birthday girl!!
We've been "besties" since we were kids. When we were teenagers, she was the one who cleaned out my closet for me. I was pretty lazy back then. I used to love helping her clean out her closet because she always gave me cool stuff! She had a lot more clothes, make up, jewelry and records than I did---smaller family, you know.

Well, apparently, my closet clean-out motivated her to do her own. She sent me these pictures.
First off, let me say that her closet ALWAYS looks this nice. She doesn't allow clutter to pile up.
I bet she knows what I'd say about those hangers. Finally---I have something on her!

Actually, my mother is the one who planted the "matching hanger importance" in my brain. When I was growing up, she assigned a color to each one of us 7 kids. I was red "x's." All of my clothes had little embroidered red "x's" so I knew which were my socks, underwear, school blouses and everything else that belonged to me. She carried it a step further and made yarn covered hangers to match our rooms. Mine were yellow. When she died a few years ago, those hangers---that we all took so for granted---became very valuable to us. We divided hers up evenly amongst us---boys included.
I keep them in my guest coat closet. Thanks mom!

Okay, that's enough about closets and closet organization! Just tell me one single thing you love about your own closet or the organization there of.

Whew! That was only Friday!!


  1. Your closet looks wonderful. Oh I do like the look of matching hangers. I often wish that I did not have a variety of colors in my closet. I did pare down to fewer colors giving some to my son when he moved out, and will do the same with daughter when it is her turn. In the meantime, I need to watch for some on sale. The trouble is that they seem to keep getting flimsier and flimsier - so maybe I'd better not procrastinate too much longer.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post with all its chat. I love your hangers your Mum made. One thing about my closet? My husband designed and put it all together with kits from Ikea and it has everything I asked for

  3. Ah yes, we had colour coding and xs in our clothes - I think it's a must for large families. My colour was green, Mom didn't do the hangers but that looks so clever.

    I've been thinking of trying to improve our closets - they are extremely wonky so everything slides to the lowest point...

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