Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Upon the Ending of Downton Abbey

post signatureI'm so sad about this. I cried during the last episode---not because the material was sad, but because I'm so sad that it's ending.

In this final episode, they pulled out all the stops. The clothes were so incredible. I've always loved period pieces whether I'm reading them or watching them. But, I have to say, the garden party scene--Edith's dress was my favorite. She is very attractive in real life even though they made her look "plain" on the show.

I just spent a half hour trying to find a picture of her in that dress. I couldn't but this one is pretty darn beautiful too. Those gloves...
Julian Fellows did a good job of wrapping up every story line neatly---no huge surprises or sad endings.

Goodbye Downton Abbey. I'm going to miss you! Sob, sob...


  1. me too, I just wanted Edith to be happy.

  2. I never got started with Downton Abbey so now it will be on my list of shows to binge watch when I'm bored... as if that will ever happen!

  3. Edith became my favorite too, as she learned by her mistakes much quicker than her sister Mary. I just found a pair of full length white leather gloves at hubby's aunt's house from back in the day when the family was part of the local society crowd. I was surprised how slender fitting they were.


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