Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's Time!

post signatureRemember how nice Mindy's bouquet with the tiny orchids looked against her dress? She wanted something very different and definitely NOT roses. We were very happy with the orchids.

Here's a close-up. Definitely different. Many people commented on her bouquet's unique-ness! That's exactly what she wanted---something very different.

Well, it didn't dry well. I told Mindy that she had 3 options. 
1. We could spray paint it red.
2. She could leave it brown.
3. Or, she could throw it away.
She opted for #3. It's time. I told her at the beginning that since I'd never seen dried orchids, I thought it was unlikely that it would work. She was okay with it. We'll have plenty of photos of the bouquet, so I'm going to have one blown up and framed that she can just hang. Red is her favorite color---as if you couldn't tell by now.

Mindy and Justin finally opened their gifts last night. They have opposite work schedules, so it took awhile for us to get together all at the same time. With that in mind, I told Justin---when they arrived---that I suspected he and I would have a great relationship! He only has to see me once a month!! We got a good laugh out of it. Actually, I think I'm a pretty good mother-in-law. I took lessons from my own mom---she never butted in to anything. 

We also finally were able to get Justin "on the wall!"
We gave his tiles for Christmas but told him that he'd have to wait until it was official.
Stephanie posted on Facebook that "it's officially official!" Mindy posted:
"A marriage license is one thing, but you know you're really locked in for life once you get your name on the Eads Scrabble wall!"

Yep---it's time all the way around!!


  1. The scrabble wall is a lovely way of making someone feel welcomed into your family circle

  2. I do like that scrabble wall - such a cute idea.


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