Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I love Starbucks!

post signatureBut just last week I hated Starbucks! They announced their new rewards program. The way it is now---you get a free drink when you've earned a dozen stars. You get a star each time you visit---not each drink you buy. Now they've decided to go with a program where you get a point for each dollar you spend. You have to have 125 points before you earn a free drink.

I'm pretty sure that I'm the reason they went to this plan---although they say it is due to customer demand. No, it's me. I love my "ventiicedblackteashakenwiththreeequalsplease." The problem (for Starbucks) is that it's cheap. 3 bucks. Half the price of their fancy coffees. As the program works now, whether you buy a 3 dollar drink or a 6 dollar drink or even buy 4 $6.00 drinks at one time, you only earn one star. So basically, after I spend $36.00 on a dozen drinks, I get a free one. Now I'll have to buy 42 iced teas to get a free one. That means it will take me over a year to earn a free one.

I sent Starbucks an email expressing my dismay. I asked about who the customers were that wanted to spend more before qualifying for a free drink. Of course, I got the pat response: "we thank you for your concern blah, blah, blah" without really answering my question. I GET that some people may have been upset to only get one star while purchasing more than one drink at a time. I just can't figure out how the new program is a good deal for anybody. Oh well, it is what it is.

That leads me to my next complaint. I had a free birthday drink. Okay, so my birthday was all the way back in January. I kept forgetting to use my reward. When I finally remembered, they told me it was expired. What??? Are you kidding me? So that made me really hate Starbucks! There's just something about getting a free drink that makes me feel so good. And now I lost it! On top of the new program, that's adding insult to injury.

Well, yesterday, I stopped for my "veniticedblackteashakenwiththreeequalsplease" and asked again to use my reward. When I got to the window, the "guy" told me it was expired. I told him that I kept forgetting to use it and could he do something for me. He said that the birthday rewards expire after just a couple of days because they want you to come in right away to redeem it. He said he'd see if he could do some sort of discount for me. He couldn't and apologized. I acted all sad---NOT mad---because after all, it was my fault! About that time, he says, "you're in luck---that's the manager behind me and he said you can have this one for free!" I LOVE Starbucks. They really do know how to do customer service---at least in person.

So there it is. I'm torn. I love Starbucks, but then again I hate them too. I guess I'll just continue this love/hate relationship with them.

I also have a love/hate relationship with Cricut, but that's another story.


  1. I'm not sure that Starbucks runs any kind of rewards scheme here. Which shows you how often I'm in there!

  2. Not a coffee drinker, so I have no opinion there. But as to the Cricut, if you manage to get yours to behave, perhaps you can share some tips.

  3. I'm not impressed with the new Starbucks rewards scheme either. The original was one star per drink, even if you bought several together. Not sure why they can't revert to that. Glad you got the birthday reward, not sure they do that here but I'll remember in May if they do :)


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