Monday, March 28, 2016


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It's been awhile! I got home from the farm on Friday. We had such a good time---as we usually do. The only thing missing from this trip (well, besides the internet) was good weather. One of my favorite things to do at the farm is to sit outside and read or stitch. We have happy hour out there. We managed to sit out for a bit, but mostly it was either too chilly, breezy or rainy. Next time for sure.

We've got it down pretty good for going to the farm. We each take a couple meals and have a leftover day. We share lots of new recipes. We scrapbook and share techniques too. I usually plan something extra for everybody. This time, I've got everyone started on a Christmas album. I promised them simple pages---it's about getting those memories recorded. We did two pages and the title page on this trip. When we got home, I was excited to plan another page.

When I got home on Friday, I discovered a message that I couldn't receive at the farm---that my pillow was ready to be picked up.
 This canvas caught my eye every time I was in the store. I guess no one bought it because it was green and pink rather than the traditional Christmas colors. I think the pink is exactly what I liked about it. After months, it was in a huge sale. I just couldn't resist it then.
 It was so much fun to stitch. I love how it turned out.
Emily---who does my finish work---told me she had a bit of trouble with this one because I picked out a slick fabric. I don't know a thing about fabrics---I just know what I like. She makes it happen for me! I decided on this fringe, because when I saw it, I was immediately reminded of the nutcracker's epaulets. If only I'd have done stitch that looks more like that on them---but I didn't think of it at the time.

I finished a little ornament that I made for my new son-in-law over the weekend. I'm just now starting on a class project that Connie and I are taking. Stephanie and Mindy are taking it too, but I am going to be their teacher since they cannot attend. It's a sampler project. I'll share when there's something to share!

Saturday night, we went to the wedding of the daughter of a family friend. The venue was outside. It was a beautiful location and luckily, the weather was incredible. We had a great time. Butch and I danced quite a bit---at least for me. I danced with a couple people I didn't know---little boy and 30-something girl---they asked me. Why not? I just have fun everywhere I go!

That brings us to Easter. The girls wanted to dye Easter eggs, so we did it first thing in the morning. Nicky made his famous "bloody Mary's"! Earlier in the week, I got a text from Morgan about the "competition." I told her it wasn't a competition. Well, apparently is was! Of course every family activity turns in to a competition of some sort. It's always good fun and lots of laughs.
 We're pretty simple egg "dyers." We don't really do anything fancy. Just eggs and dye. Do the best you can!
 Here are the entries. Steph calls out the rules: each person gets two votes and you cannot vote for your own.
 Of course, there's lots of discussion about the merits of each egg prior to the vote.
 And the winner is---Steph---with her plaid egg. I don't know how she pulled that off, but it is pretty cool!
 After the contest, we went to the club for brunch. I haven't cooked Easter dinner in years. The food at the club is fabulous---and every possible variety you can think of. I always get the prime rib.
The "kids" stopped for photos with the Easter bunny. Mindy loves her fascinators and has them for every occasion!
The tables looked really cute with these bunny ear napkins. There were very colorful--wish I'd gotten a picture of the whole table. I didn't bring my phone, so relied on others photos.

Jordan and Morgan were there along with Carter. The only thing that could have made it better was if the Lapps family were with us. They are at the beach for their spring break. That's not a bad way to spend Easter either!!
 Elizabeth and Victoria with their "peeps"!
You can count on Sandy to make a nice holiday for her family! Is there any other way?

Back to my regular life today. Movie Monday!!


  1. Funny, I like the pillow with the pink background, but I can also see it wouldn't have been at all difficult to substitute white or cream for the pink if that was the concern! All the eggs are pretty - I don't think I could have picked one.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun both home and away. I like your cushion very much, pink and all. It must be quite satisfying finishing projects for other people..does she get excited to see what you are going to bring her next?

  3. It looks and sounds like a wonderful family Easter. I love the colors of your pillow, but I am not quite sure what he's thinkingm which gives me pause.

  4. What a great catch up today! Sounds like a great Easter & another FUN family competition!


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