Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What You Don't Know About Me

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, there are several things you should already know about me:
Pink is my favorite color---it's mostly what I wear. If I have  choice, I choose pink.
I'm a tea lover---loose, not bagged.
I'm smitten with Britain and the Royal Family---love those guys.
I'm a storyteller.
I love to read.
I love to stitch.

But one thing you might not know about me is:
I can fall asleep anywhere. Yep, and by anywhere, I mean anywhere. If you make me be still and close my eyes, I'm probably out within 30 seconds. Really! I don't have any trouble falling asleep at night. When I rest during the day, I read first---until I get drowsy. Then I nap---usually about 20-30 minutes (enough to revive me)---sometimes up to an hour. Sleeping is easy for me.

Movies---forget about it. If the movie isn't action-packed or doesn't start by 12:30, you can pretty much bet I'll fall asleep. It's dark and quiet. The perfect recipe for a nap.

Because I fall asleep so easily, I stopped getting facials years ago. Turns, out, I was sleeping through the whole experience. Don't ask me how I could sleep through someone massaging skin care products in to my face, the steam machine and hot towel. I can sleep through it all.

I'm the only person I know who can sleep through a root canal. In this case, that's a good thing. Except the doctor kept nudging me to wake me up as when I drifted off, my mouth would go slack. I guess that's why dental work doesn't scare me. I'll just sleep through it.

Falling asleep easily is why I  could never meditate. It's a fine line there---between meditating and sleep!

Well, on Thursday, I had a brand new falling asleep experience. I went to get eyelash extensions---and slept through that too!! I bought a Groupon for cheap and thought I would give it a try before the wedding. I arrived and the aesthetician asked me what look I was going for---there are 3---sexy, dramatic, or full. I requested "natural." I always want something different than offered! I laid down on the bed. She examined me and said, "I cannot glue the extensions to skin---only your eyelashes."

"Okay",  I thought, "that's fine." Except it wasn't. Turns out I only have about 12 eyelashes. Anyway, as she proceeded, I fell asleep right away. I didn't snort or snore, but made some weird sound that woke me up. I apologized---after all, it is embarrassing. I just cannot be still and close my eyes without falling asleep. When we finished, I was happy with the result---you can barely tell, but my lashes do look a bit fuller. I won't be going again---it's $100 a month to maintain them. That would be one expensive nap!

And now you know one more thing about me.


  1. OH my, how funny! I can't imagine falling asleep that easily - I even have trouble falling asleep on overnight flights overseas, when I could really use the sleep!

  2. lol! I know you don't mind a bit of black humour, so it's ok to wish you best use of your super power tomorrow..

    Can you tell I'm a bit of a veteran at these things?

  3. I fell asleep during a ECG - to the amazement of the nurses busy prepping me for it. Glad that the lashes look better and hope everything has gone well.


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