Monday, January 4, 2016

2016---The Year of Travel

I cannot believe how many trips I already have for this year. It might even be too many, but when you think about fun with family and friends, what can you leave out? Not a one. I'm game. We'll see how it goes.

1. Sister's crop at Kentucky Lake in February.
2. Annual ski trip to Vail, Colorado with the Broussards in February.
3. Spain with Stephanie and Nicky in March---they invited us. Any time our kids want to spend some of their precious vacation time with us---we're doing it. Don't think we're paying---we're not. Our kids aren't the type to invite us so we'll pay. We don't.
4. Farm crop (this isn't on the books yet, but we go every year around Easter).
5. Sister's trip to Italy at the end of April and first part of May.
6. Annual Santa Rosa Beach, Florida trip with my friends in mid-May.
7. Oklahoma road trip with Walter and Chris in June.
8. Family vacation to the beach the first week in July.
9. Gems of the Danube river cruise with Bruce and Karolyn for two weeks in August.
10. Beach trip with cousins, Chrissy and Judy in September.
11. New Orleans with Walter and Chris the end of September.
12. Long weekend in Washington, DC with church friends the end of October.
13. Charlotte, NC to the Sandy's for Thanksgiving.

Plus, I plan to work in another visit to Sandy's sometime. And of course, another farm crop.

It's good to be retired. But there it is---right in the word. "Tired." I will definitely a good way.


  1. Oh my, what a FUN year of travel you're going to have! So many adventures with friends and family.

    So far, we have a few trips plans:
    1. Weekend Trip to Celebrate my niece's graduation this month.
    2. Austin for a crop with friends this month.
    3. Vicksburg, MS, and New Orleans, LA, with Robbie's brother & family in March.
    4. New York with a friend and her daughter, probably in June.
    5. Banff in December to celebrate our anniversary.

    And several more than I'm working to get scheduled, hopefully the Grand Canyon for my birthday, and a summer trip with Robbie's brother & family.

  2. sounds like you are going to be busy!

  3. Wow! Lots of travel plans. I only have two trips pencilled in so far. A retreat in Herefordshire in March and a wedding in Cornwall in August.

  4. That sounds like a delightful year's worth of travel - I hope you get it all done plus a few more surprises too! Enjoy!


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