Friday, January 22, 2016

A Snow Break and Other Possibilities!

We're due to get up to 8 inches. All the schools and businesses have shut down. Everyone is home for this snow "break". This is exciting stuff for us! Rarely happens.
My view from the back door. It's so quiet and beautiful. I thought I'd like to go out and play in it, but decided I can't afford to risk another "break" so close to the wedding.
 Instead, I'll stay put right here with my book and computer.
 The lengths Butch will go to---to watch TV! This one was not quite tall enough!
He assures me it's safe! 
And, I'll drink the WHOLE bottle! Starting at noon. Hmmm, I hope I'm not setting myself up for a "break" after all! Here's to "snow breaks!"
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  1. We aren't expecting it to start here until late tonight or tomorrow morning. Forecasts for our area vary a lot, but I'm already stocked up with everything we need to spend a full day indoors! Stay safe.

  2. It looks beautiful but I think it's wise to stay indoors.


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