Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Not So Happy Ending of a Happy New Year's

So it started like this:
We started the fire about 10 a.m. while watching the Rose Parade. We had it going the entire day. I love a fire. 

Then, it ended like this:

Yes, that would be firetrucks---as in plural---and one emergency vehicle. I did a stupid, stupid thing. I took the two very dried Christmas tree branches that I'd used to decorate the powder room and threw them in the fire. Of course I know how flammable they are. What I didn't know is that they would cause a chimney fire. It's not like they blew up there---they didn't---just burned very fast.  It was loud---a roaring sound---long after the branches had burned---in about 10 seconds. We ran outside and saw sparks and the red glow coming from the chimney. I called the fire department. I offered Butch an "out!" I told him he could go upstairs, that I'd handle it since I was the idiot that caused it and he wouldn't have to be embarrassed. He stuck by my side---just like the time I set the alarm off in the Louvre. The firemen were very nice. By the time they got there, the fire was out. I was surprised that they brought those big trucks right up to my front door. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but I was trying not to be seen. 
They checked out everything. Butch had already used our fire extinguisher to put out the fire. It was still going a little, so one of the firemen asked for a pitcher of water. He said that if he used one of his tanks, it would make a huge mess. I have to admit, I was already thinking about that before they got here. I was visualizing water everywhere---and the work and destruction. It would have served me right for being such and idiot. I won't be making that mistake again!! Not exactly how we wanted to end New Year's Day!
And it had nothing to do with this. It was only my second glass!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a fright you must have had. The noise of a chimney fire can be quite alarming. Hoping all is well now and that you can enjoy a quiet glass in peace. Wishing you a happy 2016.

  2. OH my, I'm glad it turned out all right in the end!

  3. How frightening! Thank goodness you are safe.

  4. Oh no, how scary, and yes, I can see it might be a bit embarrassing. But so glad it all turned out okay - which is probably how the firemen saw it too.


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