Thursday, May 7, 2015

Where Does the Time Go?

I can't believe it's Thursday already. This week seems to have slipped right by. I've been continuing the major clean-out of my scrapbook room and am just about finished. At least I'm stopping for now as I prepare for a busy weekend. I really don't have much left to do. I'll haul my 5th load tomorrow to "SMART"---"Scrap Made ART supplies"---it's a great place to donate. Not only can anybody shop there for great prices, the volunteer organization helps people with handicaps. Well, they can say it better than I can:


I have to give it to Butch---he hasn't complained or said anything about how much I'm getting rid of---especially since he's the one to load it all up. He made one comment to friends last week, "I guarantee you, she's gotten rid of $5,000 worth of stuff---some unopened!."

I said, "Butch, I can't even argue with that." It's true. I've gotten rid of so much. I don't stamp much, so I only kept my favorite stamps---more to look at than use. Punches---I kept quite a few, but got rid of many. Stickers---mostly gone---don't use them. Little books---all gone. I passed some things on to friends that I thought they could use. Probably the saddest to me was getting rid of all of the class materials. I've developed a lot of classes over the last 15 years. Besides regular layout technique classes, journaling classes, Quickutz club classes and my AYM groups, I've taught my organizational classes all over: PA, MO, KY and TN. That was always my favorite class to teach. Organizing is my "thing." Starting from organizing photos and memories, to supplies, to setting up your room, preparing to scrapbook, making page kits and taking it on the road---I covered it all. I loved it. I'll miss it.

Ahhh, it's time to move on.

Friday: I'll be cooking for Butch's poker group and making cookies for Steeplechase with extras for me to take to the beach with my friends. I made the first batch yesterday---peanut butter oatmeal (an old recipe from my grandma). I'll make chocolate chip cookies today. I'm keeping the dinner menu simple---"Dagwood" (does anyone know what that is anymore?) sandwiches, pasta salad and cucumber salad with the cookies for dessert.

Every one will be here before the poker group for Happy Hour as we're celebrating Morgan's birthday. Speaking of Morgan---someone stole her RayBans at school this week. She was studying in the library and stepped away from the table for a few minutes. When she got back, they were gone. I felt so bad for her. She works hard for her money!! It always galls me that people think they can just take from others.

Saturday, Karolyn, Nancy and I are off to the airport. We decided to fly to the beach to save us 2 days of driving. Susan and Pam prefer to drive. When we get there, we'll do the grocery shopping and settle in. Pam and Susan will find us poolside with a "beachy" drink awaiting them! Then it's a week of R&R.

In other news:
Mitchell has decided on Clemson! We're all so excited for him. He's been accepted in to their biology school. Plus, he's excited that Notre Dame plays Clemson this year---at Clemson!! Now if only it were "in state" tuition...I get those Carolinas mixed up. Clemson is in South Carolina while Mitchell lives in the "North." We'll be there at the end of the month for his graduation. He's pretty busy now preparing for all of the AP exams taking place this week. After that, it will be nothing but fun and games to graduation. Oh, and he's job hunting---thinking the car wash might be the place with some flexibility for family "things" this summer.

Victoria is getting ready for her 8th grade trip to Washington, DC. She and her friends have already figured out their room situation---assuming they get to stay together. Her graduation is after Mitchell's, so we'll be in Charlotte for almost a week.

Elizabeth is her busy little self with social activities. Sandy has worked with her class on Junior Achievement---which wraps up this week. It's been a lot of work, so Sandy will be happy to have that behind her.

Jordan and Morgan are finished with this semester too. Morgan will continue with her job. Jordan has a job at school, but has to find another here for the summer. She has a couple of options. Summer jobs are always tricky as they are not as flexible when it comes to family "things." The time is coming when the young adults will not be able to be with us for our family vacations.

I guess that's about it for now. Next report from the beach!


  1. Yes, this week has flown by! Sounds like the scrapbook room clean out has gone well & you have a wonderful week coming up. ENJOY!

  2. I wish there was a SMART place near me. That would make me feel a lot better about purging craft supplies!

  3. Yes: the summer job juggling is tricky. TTO couldn't come with us last year because of work but we are delighted that this year he has a free week when there are no cricket matches on, so he can come on holiday again. Hurrray!

    That sounds like a fantastic place to donate too

  4. I've read through quite a few of your recent posts. There's no doubt in my mind where your time has gone! I did a pretty big purge a year and a half ago in my studio, but not nearly as thorough as yours, and I need to make another go at it. Have a fabulous time at the beach!


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