Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I Buy Wednesdays

When we go to the beach, we always designate one day as our shopping day. I'm not a big shopper, so I always have my book with me. We go to the Silver Sands Outlet Mall. There are stores from every designer and high end brand---Ann Taylor, Cole Haan, North Face, Nautica, Jones of New York, Waterford, etc. We have the debate that some of the merchandise is still so expensive that we believe they mark it up so that can mark it down. I don't know if they do or not.

But I know it's definitely not true of Kate Spade. I HAVE to go to the Kate Spade outlet when I'm here. I love Kate Spade---my favorite designer---my girls love her too! We have a KS store in Nashville, so I know the prices are really good at the outlet. They show the retail price and then just about everything is half price. And that is for real!!
First off, I love the packaging. The colors are always so bright and cheery. What's not to love about hot pink.
There is always the signature "spade" somewhere on that packaging as well as in the design.
The boxes are always so cute. I have a few at home that I cannot part with. I think I'll use them to package other gifts, but then never can. Plus, I think it would be too deceiving to the opener---thinking they were getting something Kate Spade only to find it's a pair of underwear instead! That would be a major disappointment!
I bought a watch and a key chain. I miss wearing watches. I know most people use their phones---me included, but I like a watch! Gold goes with everything don't ya' think? You can't tell from the picture, but straight up 12 o'clock is a tiny pink spade. The keychain---I was ready for a new one.
When you flip over the key chain, it says, "live colorfully" on the back. That's when I knew I had to have it. I DO live colorfully! Or at least I try to!! Everyday!

Do you?


  1. Your entusiasm bubbles through! Living colourfully is a great motto ,,,

  2. Well..I once tried to decorate an entire house in shades of white and cream. I nearly did it, but then the colours started to creep in..

    Your watch is lovely

  3. You do live colorfully Barbara! We definitely live colorfully here . . . even on gray days like today!

  4. That is lovely. I think we are kindred spirits, as I just treated myself to a new Kate Spade watch too- I went with a rectangular dial - and a spiffy gold spade at 12 o-clock high - and a black leather band that I think will go smashingly with a new Kate Spade purse I have my eye on. (Because I couldn't stop at just a keyring!). I also think the teal,gold, and coral colors of the box would make for a splendid scrapbook page color scheme. I hope your watch brings you many good and colorful times!!


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