Monday, May 18, 2015

Do My Girls Know Me or What?

Mother's Day! I got the best gifts. My girls definitely know me! It was a Kate Spade and Yankee Candle kind of day!
I'm always in love with the packaging. Such bright cheery colors. Who knew Kate Spade had office supplies?
Sandy sent me the journal and pen. Inside the covers is Kate Spades signature gold dots. I almost don't want to take the pen out of the box.
Another thing about Kate Spade---she uses the best quotes on her products. This one says: "she uses a nome de plume for reservations"
Mindy gave me a gold stapler and a little note pad. The quote on the top of the stapler is: "hold it together." What better way?
And then, I got this fabulous candle from Stephanie and Nicky---personalized at that. I had no idea you could put a photo and sentiment on a Yankee candle! The scent is awesome---summer picnic. I wish I could somehow had a scent to my blog! You'll have to trust me---it's fabulous!

I love my girls---and it's apparent that they love me!!! So thankful for them!


  1. Love the personalised candle....what a great idea.

  2. What fabulous gifts, especially for you!

  3. It's always nice to feel appreciated :)

  4. Those are some well-raised girls! Enjoy your goodies!

  5. They certainly do know you - what a great bunch of goodies!


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