Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Few Things

This is a picture of just some of the food last weekend for the family party on Saturday. Jeanne bought a 5 ft. sandwich and another 2 ft. sandwich. Everyone brought various side dishes. There were 40 people there and the food was pretty much wiped out!
 The dessert bar. I didn't even take a picture of the beverage bar!! I had to go out later in the day for more gin, tonic and beer. Everyone pitches in, so it's not too much on any one. I contribute money as it's too hard to make food when you are from out-of-town and trying to cook in someone else's kitchen!
 My family went to the Cardinals baseball game---all except me---I wanted to spend as much time with my sisters as I could. Anyway, they came home with this "give-away." Finally! Something a woman can love! A St. Louis Cardinals pashmina! We all loved them---the boys---not so much.
Here's Butch photo bombing Steph's selfie.
 On my way to meet Connie for our monthly pedicure, this bus blocked the intersection. Buses are supposes to know better---aren't they? So frustrating!
 I bought the hugest blackberries this week.
 Some of them were bigger than the strawberries. They were so sweet too!
 Here's one of those cooking "hacks" that really works. Take a straw.
 Poke it up through the bottom of the strawberry and---voila'---the green top pops right off without having to use a knife and waste part of the top.
The lilacs were gorgeous this year. They smelled divine! They were so thick and lush. I just love them.
Butch cleaned out the pond---it looks so good. Most of our fish survived the winter. Now I just hope they can survive the blue herons. You can read more about them here! It's quite a story!
Lastly, my friend, Nancy gave me this precious, ceramic, garden gnome as a thank you for our trip to the beach. She meant for me to use it outside in the garden. I decided to use it in the sunroom. Perfect location---and I can enjoy it more here.

That's about it for now. Memorial weekend pictures to come.


  1. A 5ft sandwich? That means I could basically eat my own height in bread? Wow..

  2. Sounds like lots happening as always!


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