Sunday, January 25, 2015

You're Never Too Old to Try New Things

You just have to be prepared to fail---and then acknowledge you just might be too old---or too chubby!

In our quest for good health and physicality, the whole family is trying new things. For me, I've been limited to the treadmill---at least until it's warm enough to get in the pool. I do not belong, nor do I plan to join the "polar club." Instead, as I was looking for something new to try, I decided on yoga. I have never done yoga in a formal way. Years ago, I had a personal trainer who did a few yoga things with me. My opinion of it then was that it was too slow. I'm a busy gal---let's get on with it. Now, I was ready to try something that might be more calming.

I got a beginner's yoga dvd for my birthday (thank you Mindy and Justin). I tried it out today. OMGosh!! I was lost from the get go. It seemed like it was moving way too fast. This is what I heard: mountain pose, stretch your arms over your head---this is when I just about lost consciousness as the pain shot through my right shoulder. I just told Karolyn this week, that I no longer had shoulder problems. Little did I know...

Next we were on to "downward dog." Well, given my immobile papa toes, I could not do this one either---the pain made me realize that my decision to have the surgery is right.

We moved on to something called "the child pose." I don't even know what that was. I gave up about then. I cannot put my feet together while laying down---my thighs prevent it! I'm starting to realize that yoga is not for chubby girls. I spent the rest of the time just doing an assortment of stretching exercises. Now that was relaxing and felt good. I'll probably be sore tomorrow. Oh well...soreness like that is the good kind of pain.

At least that's what I'll tell myself.


  1. It is definitely good to try new things . . . and learn what works for us & doesn't! I tried a yoga DVD once & thought it was too slow for me, too. I do end most of my sessions with the trainer with a child's pose . . . and maybe some other yoga stuff that I don't realize! LOL

  2. I think a yoga class would be better because the teacher will help you learn the poses but will not insist on you doing any that hurt. Yoga is all about smooth transitions and relaxing muscles so that poses become easier with practise and time

  3. You could try Pilates. I enjoy it very much..very calming but maybe not quite so slow

  4. I like Yoga - it is a challenge for me to do things slowly but I figure that is part of the benefit for me, it is one of the few times I'm not rushing to get things done. But a class or better video would be good. I've just downloaded an app for my ipad so I can start doing some mini yoga routines.


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