Wednesday, January 21, 2015

She's All Grown Up...

and has become a cooking fool!! These are just a couple of recent dishes she's made:
 This is a broccoli and fettuccine dish. She is not afraid to try new recipes.
This is a sausage and pinto beans dish. Another new recipe that she made for New Year's Day. For all her cooking, she has yet to cook for us. She has a few quirks. She won't cook anything (or eat for that matter) containing mayonnaise. She doesn't believe in mixing meats---like---don't wrap her filet with bacon. Or, don't even think about putting bacon on her cheeseburger. She doesn't like shrimp, but yet she "sucks" the heads of crawfish---learned that from her many crawfish boils while living in New Orleans for 7 years. Really, it sounds like she's picky, but she's not. She's just purposeful about what she eats.

And just when I think she really is grown up---after all---she just turned 30---there's this:
A little Katy Perry action. Mindy will use any excuse to don some sort of unusual head wear. This little number is the result of a recent trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras for her friend's 30th birthday.
Here's her friend, Rachel---the 30 year old birthday girl playing Cher! You can get by with just about anything in New Orleans. Really---anything---except public urination. They do frown on that!!
Mindy and Rachel turned their friend, Jeff in to Boy George. Obviously they all know how to have a good time. I think Mindy has the best of both worlds---acting the responsible adult with her career and at home cooking---but still being able to party like it's 1983!! Way to go Mind!


  1. That's funny: there was a Boy George song on the car radio this morning and I hadn't heard one in ages. Rock on 1983.

    I like that word "purposeful" instead of "picky"

  2. Yes, it does look like she has the best of both worlds!


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