Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Few More Organizational Tips

We haven't run out of month yet, so here are a few "fun" things you can do to get organized. I say "fun" because they are easy and won't take long. You'll feel so on top of things when you do just these little things.

Problem #1---How to handle all the cords and chargers that all of our electronics come with?
Computers, iPods, iPads, phones, electronic readers, Fit Bit, cameras---everything comes with assorted cords, connectors and chargers.
I've found that labeled ziplock bags keeps everything together for each device---even if you have more than one of each in the family. In that case, I just put all like things in the same ziplock.
I even label the individual cords with the owner's name. All it takes is a black Sharpie. This is a far cry better than having tons of cords in a drawer and not knowing what they all go to. When you first do it, you will take a little time figuring all the cords out, but after you do, you'll love it!

Problem #2---What to do with all the different medications when you don't have a medicine cabinet?
We do not have any medicine cabinets in this house. If I did, it would be easy---a shelf for each type of problem. We do not have small children around any more, so simply putting the meds in zip locks by type and storing under the vanity works perfect for us. It's so much easier to grab a bag with your ailment rather than sorting through all of it. As you can see, the "cough, cold & flu" bag is overflowing---just because we were both sick recently. I'll sort through it and toss the prescriptions or anything that has expired so that I can close it again.

Ziplock bags are probably my favorite organizational tools. They just really help to keep everything neat and contained.

Problem #3---How to keep up with all your usernames and passwords?
I cannot claim this tip as my own. Actually, I just read about it on Susan Branch's blog. I thought it was such a good idea that I did it myself.
Use that old address/phone book that you have gathering dust!! This one is about 30 years old. I've had it in the kitchen drawer forever. Even though I never use it, I just couldn't get rid of it. The print is by Nicole Miller and I've always loved her. Now the easiest way to keep up with your usernames and passwords is to use the same ones for everything. I try to do that, but it's not always possible. It seems like there are different requirements for just about everything. Some require a capital letter,  a number, a character, a lowercase letter---all while standing on one foot and patting your head. It's impossible to remember them all. Filing them in an old address book is the perfect solution. Yes, I do have a document on my computer too. I just really like the idea of re-purposing the old address book.

Lastly, this doesn't really fall under organizational---but more in trying to get things back in proper order after our remodel. We had a new audio/visual system installed throughout the house. They left this in the garage. Oh, no, this will never fly with me!
In all fairness, the owner of the company said it was an oversight. They are coming back this week to take care of it.

Do you have any special organizational tips to share?


  1. Love the ziplock bags for all the electronic bits.

  2. I wrap a label around cords to identify them; I just wish I had done it sooner. We don't have medicine cabinets either, but I just use a small kitchen cabinet for this (only the shelves high up out of reach of little hands, when they used to reside here). I gather like medicines in clear plastic containers. And I just recently purged it for outdated medicines. It does feel good to revisit storage that needs tidying up.

  3. This reminds me that it's time to purge the medicine cabinet & check for expired items.

  4. I use Zip Lock bags to keep my ribbons in their colours within a box.
    I can't seem to throw away those lovely gift bags that people use to put your gift in. I decided to use them as storage bags. I have a few around me with labels on: Felt, Denim, Fat quarters, Patchwork squares, postcards, If the bag's not full you can fold over the top and they all look so pretty & tidy of course. :)


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