Thursday, January 15, 2015

Getting Organized

I know a thing or two about organization. That's what I do. I've worked with countless people through the years---whether it be for business, volunteer endeavors or with family and friends. 

Now is the time of year that everyone wants to get organized. Many people make it one of their New Year's resolutions. But, I'm troubled. There are so many people out there touting how to organize this and organize that. Many are giving bad advice (in my opinion). I know for a fact that in order to help someone tackle an organization task, you have to make it easy to do. What I am seeing are approaches that make it so overwhelming that most people wind up with a bigger mess than when they started. Truly, I know some ways to organize just about anything simply and quickly. 

What I see the most is the recommendation that you clear everything out of the closet, drawer, cabinet or under the counters of what you plan to organize. I'm telling you, THIS IS NOT THE WAY!!! How many times have you done this only to be surrounded with so much stuff that it's almost impossible to move or figure out what to do next?

A. Start with 3 boxes or bags---you can label them if you choose:
    1. Trash
    2. Give Away
    3. Belongs somewhere else

B. Handle each thing as you take it out of the closet or drawer and make a decision.
    1. Is it going back in said closet or drawer (if so, set it off to the side)
    2. Or place it in one of the boxes. Once a box is full, move it out of the room and put it where it needs to go---trash or car for give away. Put the box of things going somewhere else aside.
    3. Now you are left with only the things you are putting back. 

Now doesn't that seem easier than taking everything out and trying to figure out what to do?

Try it. It works. You'll be surprised at how much faster this approach is. Trust me! This is how I roll!

PS If you need some specific help, just contact me. 


  1. will give that a try thanks

  2. This really works everyone! I came across Barbara ages ago and gave this a try. I also did a bag a day for 30 days. I took one drawer or one cupboard or one part of my wardrobe, took Barbara's three bag approach and hey presto, in no time I have space! and whenever I feel overwhelmed I go back to this.

    Thanks Barbara x

  3. This is pretty much how I work most large organization projects, although for now I'm concentrating on little projects rather than whole areas.


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