Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Not the Best Way to Start the New Year

Butch is sick. He did not get it from me. He has the flu. I had a bronchial "thing." He's already been down for 5 days, Hopefully he's on the upswing.

I thought I would share a few fun photos.
 We always play plenty of games when the family is together. This was a new one. I loved the little gnome playing piece that became my "go to" piece. Trivial Pursuit is always hard, but we modify the rules so the game only takes 2 hours instead of 4!
 Elizabeth showing off her giant Tootsie Pop while Mindy shows off her giant Lindt Truffle. I did notice that neither of them shared!
 Hangin' out during games.
 One of my favorite presents. It's meant to hold 4x6 photos, but I'm using it for something else. My friend, Karolyn had the idea and I'm copying it.
 You know when you are scrapbooking and you have all kinds of little odds and ends left? These containers are the perfect thing to keep the bits sorted by color. Plus it's easy to grab and go.
I got this darling little pink tricycle from Elizabeth. I keep this white tree decorated in my scrapbook room all year round.
And then, of course, Christmas would not be complete without the "job list" posted on the refrigerator. Everyone knows what they need to do. Works great!

I finished my book club book---The Light Between Oceans. It was really good, but I didn't like the ending. One of the things I love about my Kindle is the ability to keep track of how many books I read each year. This year I read 42 books!!!

I'm looking forward to New Year's Day. I'm planning on spending it in my scrapbook room! It's been awhile!!


  1. So sorry to hear Butch is poorly and hope you both manage to bring in the New Year happily. Love those photos of your pretty young women :).

  2. Happy New Year to hope Butch is soon better.

  3. I love that little pink trike!

    A Happy New Year to you all. There's flu round here too (and I'm secretly a little glad because it means he's not going back to work tomorrow after all!). get well soon Butch

  4. I hope Butch is feeling better and that you're enjoying time in your craft room today!

  5. Love the pictures - and for some reason am craving large quanitites of sweets! I hope that Butch is back up to par soon.

  6. Hope Butch is feeling better. I had to smile when I saw the photo case. I used the exact same case about three years ago, for the exact same purpose. I had culled my "embellishments" way down and wanted a simple way to store them. So I went to Michaels looking for a container that would suit and came up with that one. I took it to crops and many people locally started copying my idea - everyone loved it. As far as I know, the idea was an original one of mine when I came up with it... but I wonder now just how far and wide it is and whether it was already in play before I thought of it....


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