Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Few Things

This is my car---yet not MY car! I've been complaining for 4 years about how people block me in. Apparently, this person has decided to handle it by taking two spaces. That's just wrong and inconsiderate. As mad as it makes me to get blocked, I could never presume that I "deserve" two parking spots.
Teeny little Morgan received her security guard certification. I wonder how she's going to throw any weight around when she doesn't have any!! Basically she said that she would be checking id's at concerts. Besides earning a little extra money, she gets to hear concerts for free.
Now-a-days, when you go to the grocery store, there are more and more reserved parking for special people. I'm totally fine for veterans to have a close parking space. After all, it's the least we can do for what they've done for us.
 Now, add parkers with children---which I would venture to say would be at least 75% of shoppers. Add to that the handicaps,  expecting mothers and employees of the month---by the time all these spots are accounted for, us regular people might as well park in the lot across the street and shuttle over! There's no such thing anymore as making a quick dash to the grocery store. You spend half your time finding a place to park. Do I sound like I have parking issues? YES I DO!!! I was spoiled by having a husband in the parking industry who provided me with a parking pass that allowed me to park any where---and close. He's been retired about 6 or 7 years now. I miss that valet parking at the airport most of all. Some times I wish he'd go back to work just for free parking!!
 I really would have liked to ask these guys what they were doing. I've never seen anyone schlepping their desk chairs down the streets of Nashville. They probably couldn't find a close parking place.

 This is my own personal life hack. I have very few recipes that call for the flour to be sifted. I haven't owned a sifter in years. A colander works just  fine!
 Another piece of "happy mail" from the UK. My friend, Sian, from High in the Sky sent me a beautiful hand made card. I sort of feel bad to receive these lovely cards from my internet friends since I don't do cards any more. Maybe I should make a better effort next year!
 I love Kate Spade---my favorite designer. Nobody does displays like she does! Even the floor at Macy's surrounding the gifts is decorated. That would make a really nice border in our "new" rec room!
 Mindy is becoming quite the little cook. She made these antipasti skewers for our mother/daughter ornament exchange. Turning 30 has her settling in to domesticity!
And, Mindy loves to get her "craft" on! She made these candy jars for her "team mates." She was on a temporary assignment for the year.

I'll be working today. What gets done, gets done. Tomorrow the family moves in for the week and our holidays begin. Jordan's birthday dinner kicks it off.

Anyway, next up will be "the big reveal!"


  1. You're such a great observer that these posts are always a lot of fun to read.

  2. Barbara, people who send cards don't do it so that people send them cards they do it because they want to share their happiness with others. You share your happy through your blog all year. Have a happy christmas girl, see you on the flipside

  3. I had to laugh about the parking as I've been trying this year to park far out in the lot to get in some extra walking! Such a FUN read - hope you are enjoying family time!

  4. Agreeing with Ladkyis - I send cards because I like to send cards. Of course I like receiving them too but don't expect it! I like the walking except when I've got a lot to carry - which is why I go for deliveries where ever possible ;)


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