Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tree Time

Mindy and Justin decorated last weekend.
 This picture reminds me of the card Mindy sent out one year where she was all twisted up in the lights with a beer in her hand. The caption was "don't drink and decorate."
 Mindy's tree all finished. Do you notice anything about this picture? (Well, MINDY---fix your shade!! It's going to be permanently wrinkled!!) I do love the reflection in the glass of her 10th story window. Now I just have to drive downtown to see it from the outside.
Stephanie got her tree up last weekend too. So what is it for you? Colored or white lights? We do white in the living room on the artificial tree---well, it's a pre-lit tree and came that way. We do colored lights on the real tree in the family room. I just love the smell of a fresh tree.
I love this view of the tree on top of the car. I help Butch get it off, drug around the back and in to the house. This year, the tree weighed a ton!! I thought I was getting weaker, but when we actually got it in the house, I realized that it is much bigger than usual. We always get a 10ft. tree. This one had to be cut down to fit in the stand. Butch said it's hard to tell how big they are when you are looking at them outside.
We always move the furniture for decorating. This year, the tree is so wide, that we knocked down the end table putting the couch back in place. It's kind of a tight fit and the couch has to stick out further than usual, but the tree is beautiful.

And then there's this---the first card we received.
I laughed so hard!!! This is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. That's my 2 yr. old niece, Evie hauling home her Christmas tree. It cracks me up that she's in traffic!!! So very clever!! I showed it off to friends last night. It still makes me smile every time I look at it! Way to go Jackie and Greg! Hands down my favorite card EVER!!


  1. That is a very cute card! We decorated last weekend too - white lights here, although we've combined filament and LED so it is more yellowy-white and blue-white.

  2. That is a totally cute card! We have artificial trees because we used to always travel the day after Christmas through the new year (until this most recent job - sigh). We have white lights on the two larger trees, but often put colored on the smaller ones.

  3. We have to wait until next weekend to put up our real tree, but we're hoping to get the not-real ones up this week. I love the miniaturised tree hauling. Very cute.

  4. now that's what i call a tree - it's a real one for us too...and white lights. Although ours is no where near as big as yours!!
    As for the card...what can i's brilliant. Wish i'd thought to do something like that when mine were little and had the same car :)


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