Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Mystery

I don't have a new mystery for today, but we never did find out who left the "Bicycling in Tennessee" book. I'm adding it to the list!

Halloween Recap:
Butch was prepared for the trick-or-treaters early.
We have high hopes every year. This year we only had 3 trick-or-treaters. We usually have around 5 or 6. It was chilly---which probably put them off.
The Lapps family ready for parties. Elizabeth is the only one who actually trick-or-treats.

My sister, Jeanne made a sign for her daughter's candy bowl. Now-a-days, both parents go trick-or-treating with their kids. In our day, one stayed home to hand out the candy. Anyway, Jeanne made a sign that said "take one" for their candy bowl. I'm waiting to see how that worked out. Our news reporter did the same thing. When she got home, not only was all the candy gone, they stole her bowl too. 

Stephanie, Nicky and Mindy were at a Halloween party. The neighborhood gets a thousand kids going through---I am not exaggerating. She said they get a pallet of candy. Here's the problem---they are not all kids!! They said that many are adults---not dressed up, just holding a pillow case to collect the candy. Whatttt??? They said that the kids literally file through in a long line that never ends. It could be the same kids over and over!! I might have to witness that next year!!
Mindy made this cute Halloween wreath for an auction she's going to next week. Everyone brings something hand-made. Rather than using money to bid, they bring canned goods. All for charity. Sounds like fun!!
Mindy sent this picture of the gumbo she had cooking in the crock pot. She's starting to become quite the cook. Of course, it doesn't hurt that her boyfriend is a chef!! She's bound to learn by osmosis!

I've been working with Stephanie and Nicky on their landscaping. I went over at the end of the summer and planned it all out. Now, each weekend, I've given them a part to complete: amend the soil (the most important thing---and it's easy and cheap!), dig out dead stuff, trim back over-grown things, have stumps ground, then on to the planting. On Saturday, they planted English laurels (of course!) and two purple bushes---the name escapes me now. 

Yesterday, I met Stephanie to purchase the remaining plants. We got hollies, some other decorative bush in a light green and a dark green ornamental dwarf grass. We added some yellow pansies for color. It's all looking really good. These pictures are before the mulch. I left them with that job as I had my own work at home getting ready for our remodeling. 
 I didn't expect them to get quite so "pose-y." I was thinking more of a photo with them down in the dirt. Still, they look cute!

Butch and I spent the weekend moving stuff out of his office and the rec room. As a result, the rest of the house is a "wreck." I guess it will be like this until the job is done---a month at least. It's a good time to clean out and get rid of stuff. I asked Mindy if she wanted to keep her trophies that have been on the shelf for nearly  20 years now. Of course she wants them, but that doesn't mean she'll take them! In to the attic they go. We'll get rid of them the next time we clean out the attic because by then she'll have changed her mind. We know how that goes.

Actually, as it turns out, I do have another "Monday Mystery." While cleaning out the toy cabinets, I came across a tiny little---1/2"---red swastika. I have no idea where it came from or what toy would have had that. I threw it away---should have taken a picture. Strange. A mystery for sure.

So, it was a productive weekend for us. What about you??

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  1. Gotta love a batman costume. I'm a big fan!

    Trick or Treating is really starting to take off her. We had a lot of fun opening the door this year. But, no costumes? pillowcases? Don't like the sound of that


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