Thursday, November 20, 2014

Five Things Thursday

If you think----"wait, she's already scrapbooked that"---know this:  I have 5 albums going for my grandchildren. Not all get the same layouts. Even if the subject matter is the same, I make them completely different to keep it more fun for me. I do duplicate the stories---adding a more personal  one for each grandchild. 

I'll be giving them their next batch of pages on Thanksgiving. It delights me that we all sit around the dining room table while the kids show their pages and read the stories. It always leads to more stories and much laughter.

And there are  five things for today.


  1. There couldn't really be any better Thanksgiving gift

  2. I agree with Sian, I wish this was something my gran done for me x

  3. What a fantastic gift you're giving those grandkids!

  4. Oh what a lovely tradition - both the pages and the savouring/sharing!


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