Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book of Mormon

Butch and I went to the theater on Thursday night. Of course, I'd heard all about the controversy surrounding this "no holds barred" play by the creators of South Park (which I've never seen). Book of Mormon has won many Tony Awards. Still, being a theater lover and avid theater goer I had to see it for myself. I was already familiar with some of the music due to my satellite radio---and liked it---A---LOT. Of course, those were the "clean" songs.

Anyway, as we looked around the theater, there were mostly "young people" and by that I mean 20's---30's. The play started with one of the songs I heard many times and loved. For me, it went downhill from there.

I know everyone will be shocked by this as I'm a pretty open-minded gal---not a prude by any stretch. But to me, there are just some things that are so serious, that you should not make jokes about. Some topics are just not funny. Vulgarity is not my "thing." I'm used to hearing the "f" word hear and there and generally am not offended by that. But in the play, it was just too much. Way too much.

We left at intermission. I was completely wrong about Book of Mormon too. I thought it was a bad idea to bring this play to Nashville in the middle of the bible belt. I did not think it would go over well. Apparently it has. But I don't get it. Who decides what is art? To me this play was designed to push the limits just because they could. I think they produced it for the shock value. I think it's because the "young people" today are immune to audacity!!

My own girls are seeing it today. It will be interesting to hear their take. I suspect they will like the play as do their peers. That won't upset me. They have a right to their own opinions. But I do think they will agree with me that they totally understand where I'm coming from. After all, they know me and what things offend me. They won't be surprised at my reaction.

I've been thinking that maybe we're getting old. But then, I remind myself of the pedal tavern last weekend. Heck no, we're not THAT old!!!

Just my opinion.

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  1. I've read several reviews (good & bad) about the show and decided it's not for me.


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