Friday, November 14, 2014

A Cautionary Tale

Morgan's new iPhone was stolen at work this week. They had insurance, so she got a new one. But, remember those tips about taking a picture of all the credit cards you carry in your wallet? Well, it sounds like a good idea but maybe isn't.

Morgan had the photo of one credit card on her phone to use in case of emergency. Well, the thief that stole her phone must have had an emergency too!! Steph has cancelled the card after some "unauthorized usage."

Apparently the thief must not understand the cloud! He/she has taken pictures that are coming through on Morgan's new phone due to her iCloud account. Seems like with the "find my phone" app and GPS capabilities, the thief could be tracked pretty easily. I'm sure it's a low priority for law enforcement.

I don't really understand phone thieves. Once you report the phone lost or stolen, it's shut down or locked down---or something like that. Maybe it's easy to get around that. Otherwise, why bother?

If you do take photos of what's in your wallet---use your regular camera. What's that you say? That other clickable hand held device we used to use before we all had iPhones!


  1. Ugh :( Never heard of the idea of taking a photo of a credit card. I keep details of those in Evernote but that's password protected on my iphone.


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