Wednesday, January 8, 2020

What I Buy Wednesdays

Besides groceries, I haven't bought anything this week. Instead, I'm going to focus this post on What Mindy bought!

Mindy has always teased her dad about some of the "off brands" that he buys. Well, two weeks ago, she sent me this text:

I think Dad is finally rubbing off on me! today at the store I opted for TWO Kroger-brand items. Behold: “corn chips cupz” (not to be confused with “Fritos scoops”) and “honey graham stix” (not to be confused with “honey maid dippers”)...
Also, have you ever noticed how off-brand items always have one word conspicuously misspelled: “cheese CURLZ”, “corn chip CUPZ”, “graham STIX”— like maybe I would opt for them more often if they conformed to the same standards of spelling as their name-brand counterparts 💁🏼‍♀️

Mindy, your dad is so proud of you for branching out and being open to the "cheaper" brands! As my grandma Preli used to say---"honey, you have to save pennies before you can save dollars!"

Speaking of Mindy---she has met a pretty profound goal this year. She's been going to Barry's Boot Camp for a couple years now. Around August, she decided she wanted to reach 500 classes by the end of the year. She hit it hard and finally made it!! That meant at the end of the year, she even had to go to 3 classes a couple times in one day (they are hour classes) to make it. Now that's somethin'!
She goes to Barry's even when she's on vacation. She's been to classes in 7 cities, 2 countries and taken from 33 different instructors.

 That's a lot of minutes!! And she goes to lots of 5 a.m. classes! Yep, 5 a.m.!!

So proud of you! 


  1. No wonder you're proud - what a real determination that must have taken! The names on cheaper brands have to be slightly different to avoid breaching copyright protections.


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