Sunday, January 26, 2020

It's My Birthday!!!

Okay, not really, but it's my family party of my month long birthday!

Sandy and her family came in on Friday night. We started with happy hour at Steph and Nicky's. We decided not to go to dinner with them because, well, frankly, we don't like to wait. Yep, people think old people go to dinner at 4:30 or 5 because they're old. That's not it AT ALL! It's because we don't like to wait. Honestly, there's nothing I hate more. Especially when they tell you it's going to be 30 minutes when in actuality it's at least 45 or even an hour.

On Saturday, Sandy, Stephanie and Elizabeth were here to stitch and watch a movie. We had lots of fun conversation. I originally planned a tea party. Then I was too lazy make all those different tea foods, so bought an asparagus quiche, cranberry congealed salad, poppyseed bread and tea punch from Puffy Muffin. So easy and delicious.

We ate in front of a roaring fire---I love a good fire (preferably every single day and sometimes twice a day!). We watched Primal Fear since none of us had seen it in over 20 years---Elizabeth had never seen it. Sooo good! We stitched. You won't be surprised to know that Steph has somehow convinced me to finish one of her Easter eggs. Yeah, no one likes to do the "unfun" stuff. You just have to power through! Oh well, it should only take me an evening.

We all re-convened later at Steph's again for dinner---jambalaya, salad and rolls. Nicky's specialty is jambalaya. It's always delicious!!

After dinner, it was party time!
 We started with the presents.
From Mitchell, Victoria and Elizabeth, I got the pink, metal Starbucks cup with a gift card inside. Sandy and Greg gave me the tea, Russell Stovers and the Happy Birthday wine/cocktail glass. It's hard to read in this picture. Stephanie and Mindy (and Nicky and Justin) gave me a day with them (the girls) at some new place in Brentwood where we will be baking Mardi Gras cookies. Afterwards, they are taking me to lunch at the place of my choice. And then, I got an awesome candle from Analise that she made herself. She was with us since she and Elizabeth are good friends.

Once the gifts were opened, we commenced with the games. Stephanie got a new game for Christmas ---Werewolf. It is meant for a large crowd. You have to have a minimum of 8 people but can have any number after that. Perfect for our gang. We played for a couple hours. It is somewhat of a quiet game until the conversation begins on trying to figure out who the werewolves are. Then it gets pretty loud---at least with our family.

Sandy and Greg stayed with Steph and Nicky this trip. She was afraid that I would be upset about that. Not at all. In fact, I was pretty happy about it. I knew they would have a good time together. They can stay there all the time if they want. I love knowing that the son-in-laws all have a good time together.  That makes me happy!

I think we need to start a tradition. A month long birthday for me every year! I think I'll go in to St. Louis to celebrate with my family on or near my birthday. And now that Sandy and family are so much closer, we can celebrate my birthday with a big family party too!!

Sounds like a plan!

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