Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Few Things

1. I have not done my annual re-cap. I saved $374.75 on books by using the library. I had to buy just about ALL the books for book club. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get anything in a timely manner. If I decide I want to get a book, I have to wait 6 months for just about anything. There are some books that I've waited for over a year! Oh well, that's just how it is. But, still, it kills me to have to buy books anymore. What a waste of money!

2. Speaking of saving, Connie, Nancy and I all signed up for Regal Unlimited. For $22.94 a month, you can see any movie, anytime however many times you want. From September through December, I spent $91.76. If you see more than two movies a month to make the "deal" worthwhile. I saw 27 movies during that time period, so I really saved on that. Plus, as a member, you get 10% off concessions too. And additional free things now and then. Just about all of the movies we've seen lately have been really good----except---Jojo Rabbit. That was weird and I can't believe it's up for Best Picture. Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler is nothing like you would expect from him. OMGosh y'all---he is phenomenal in it. It's dark, but so good. He deserves an Academy Award for sure. I saw Knives Out twice because I slept through just about the whole thing the first time. I also saw Ford vs. Ferrari twice. Once with Butch and then again with my friends since they hadn't seen it. So good. I loved it.

3. Butch helps the girls save money on their cars by doing many things for them.
 This was inside Steph's car engine---full of leaves and crud. He cleaned it all out for her. The main thing he was doing for her this day was replacing a tail light.
 He definitely put in some blood, sweat and tears for her! As he says, the car dealers make simple things so hard to do so you'll just take it to them. Not Butch! He's not going to let them gouge them for a lightbulb. This is the price you pay!

4. And then there are some things you cannot put a price on.
 We had the most spectacular sunset on Christmas Eve.
Both of these pictures were taken right outside our front door!

5. And lastly, it definitely worth it to me to live in Nashville!
Nashville has been voted the friendliest city in America by Travel and Leisure magazine. I'm not surprised. People here are really nice!!


  1. Looks like Steph parks her car under a sycamore tree a lot! How lovely to have a dad who knows his way round a car engine - and electrical systems. Why do they make the light bulb holders in such tricky confined spaces, no wonder he grazed that knuckle!
    I loved the tv series Nashville, is it really like it looked on the show?

  2. Ouch, that scrape looks really sore. Am with you on the bulb replacement - they much have special tools in garages for this. Glad your lovely sunsets have been uplifting.


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