Thursday, January 30, 2020

Titan's Got a Girlfriend!!!

This past weekend, when Sandy and family were in town, they dropped Titan off with a new dog sitter. She had a Maltese too.
Well, those two really hit it off. Her name is Mimi. Titan is the little guy in the back. He's 8 lbs. and she's 11 lbs. It's amazing the difference 3 lbs. makes! (Same with babies---a 7 lb. baby is tiny compared to a 10 lb. one).
 They got along beautifully---playing the whole time. I know that it's a relief to Sandy that they have a safe, fun, place for him to stay. Still, they can bring him to Nashville any time!
 This is Walter (named after Walter White from Breaking Bad). He's a good boy!
There's just one thing. I absolutely refuse to call them my "grand dogs." That's just plain stupid!

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