Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's Making Me Happy These Days

Well, Connie started off my week with a burger from Sonic! I'd been craving a burger and you can't beat Sonic for a good one! Oh and the visit was great too!

This is the needlepoint that I'm working on now---the very last in my stash! My favorite thing about it is that I've been able to use fibers from my collection. The fibers alone for a project this size would have been over a hundred dollars.
Connie brought an article for my sister. Forget the article! How could she not complete the word puzzles!
Actually that turned out to be a bonus for me! I love jumbles. Now that Cryptique thing on the left is not my thing. I do not have the patience for that!
I still love getting first day of school pictures. I don't care how old they get. Elizabeth is starting 6th grade a her new middle school. Victoria is in her second year at Charlotte Catholic. She wasn't as excited about starting school.
Holy Trinity is Elizabeth's new school. She's ready and excited!

It also makes me happy to have long conversations with Sandy. Obviously, I have the time and it makes me so happy that she is making the time! 
Butch had to go tot he beach to oversee the laying of new floors in our Santa Rosa condo. So, I was left to fend for myself. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch---I can handle it!
Karolyn spent 3 hours with me this week. She brought these beautiful tomatoes. She told me all about the fabulous trip we missed. I wanted to know all about it. She said that not only was it beautiful, the food was incredible. Butch and I are definitely re-scheduling this trip for ourselves for next year. I've been wanting to get to Germany for years now!
Karolyn also brought me a Starbucks. It had been awhile since I've had one. There's just something about a Starbucks tea. When I take that first sip, a feeling comes over me---like aaaahhhh! Then all is right with the world!

I have never had sushi before and the thought of it, frankly, grossed me out. But since the rest of the family loves it, I said that I was going to be open-minded about it. So, Stephanie brought lunch. When I found out it was sushi, I was disappointed. But then, as it turns out, I loved it!! I asked her to bring more since it would be an easy thing to have while I am fending for myself. I haven't actually tried any of the raw stuff yet. Sandy told me about a really good sushi place that they love. We've made plans to go when we are there for Thanksgiving.
 Oh, and this was in with the sushi. Who knew that Hello Kitty made soy sauce!
What could make me happier than the "kids" coming over, spending time with me AND cooking for me?!!  Not a great picture, but I took it from the other room after trying to enlarge the view. They not only cooked, they did total clean-up too.
Lastly, but certainly, not least---Paige, the daughter of my friend, Nancy sent me this cute card. It's always fun getting mail!

All is good here. I can't complain!


  1. Good family, good food - girl, you've got it made!

  2. You're just about the only person I know apart from me who has never had sushi. Except now you aren't :)


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