Wednesday, August 3, 2016

And the Well Wishes Keep Rolling In...

Flowers have been arriving. Justin and Mindy sent one. Two of the bouquets were from Jeanne. Apparently, the "flower sender" did not get them to me on time, so I got TWO sets! I'll take it! I love flowers.
Yesterday, a few of my friends brought lunch. Nancy, who's been pretty tied down this summer with a husband who had some serious back surgery said, "Barb, are you sure you didn't die?" She's hilarious!!
This arrangement came as a complete surprise. We were supposed to be leaving on Friday for "The Gems of the Danube" river cruise from Prague to Budapest. I've been wanting to take this type of cruise for a few years now. It's a small ship---with about 100 passengers---all inclusive. After doing that on the Mediterranean cruise a few years ago, we've decided it's the only way to go. The trip includes ALL of the excursions, food and drink. No nickel and diming you.

Anyway, I felt bad for Bruce and Karolyn, because it's happened to us a couple of times. The couple we were to be traveling with had to back out at the last minute. Luckily, this time they had friends that were able to fill in our spot at the very last minute. That's the good thing about retirement---you have a lot more freedom to be impulsive, This couple---who share the same last name but are in no way related---Tony and Judy--are going in our place. They send this nice bouquet with a card letting us know they are happy to be going. I'm hoping they send me pictures so I can live the trip through them. I'd still like to go. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll be armchair traveling.


  1. Aw, no! I'm sorry you didn't get to go on your trip. We've been looking at brochures for river cruises too because we've been intrigued by the idea of having the excursions included

  2. Such lovely flowers! What a bummer to miss the trip, but I'm so happy to see you're keeping up the good spirits!

  3. Well, all those flowers must help a bit with the disappointment of missing the trip. Glad you were able to find someone to go in your stead.

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