Monday, August 8, 2016

What's Keeping me Busy...

lots of reading:
Just finished "Obsession" by Nora Roberts. I wasn't blown away by any means. My favorite part was the rehab of the house and re-purposing old junk. I could really see that in my mind's eye. The storyline was pretty dark. I hadn't read anything by Nora Roberts in years. This seems like a departure from what I remember her writing. Serial killers and a stinkin' dog. Believe me, I could smell that slobbering dog. Plus, it didn't help that I figured out the ending about mid-way through. I try not to really think about how a book might end as I prefer to be surprised. But I felt like there was a lot of filler in this book which gave me too much time to think.

watching Netflix shows:
I discovered a BBC production that I am in love with. It's called "Land Girls." It's about the woman's effort in England during WWII. I love period pieces anyway. This one is really good. I don't know how old the series is or if it is over. I'm midway through season 2. There are only 5 episodes per season.

I'm also watching "Friday Night Lights." Sandy and Greg have been talking about this show for years. I'm midway through season 2 and loving it. I'm obsessed with Kyle Chandler since seeing him in the Netflix series "Bloodline" (excellent). I also love Connie Britton (currently on the show "Nashville"). Anyway, I'm actually learning a lot about football which has been an unexpected fun side effect.

I just finished watching "Grease" while I was sorting and putting 400 of Mindy's wedding pictures in to an album. I did not realize the appropriate-ness of this until the "hand jive" scene came on. It was about the exact time that I had come to the father/daughter, dance pictures. Mindy has been obsessed with everything "Grease" since she was about 4 years old. She knew the dialog of the entire movie. Her first email address was "missgrease." She knew that she wanted to incorporate "Grease" in to her wedding plans. So, when it was time for the father/daughter dance, Butch and Mindy started with a waltz to "Edelweiss"---a nod to Butch's Austrian roots. After a couple minutes, the music switched to the "hand jive." They pulled it off beautifully. It was totally unexpected but so fun.

I'm re-watching "The Wonder Years." I haven't seen it since the 80's, but loved it then and love it again! The music, the clothes, the houses, cars---all my time frame---1960's. Plus it's only 22 minutes long--nice little something to slip in.

watching old movies in TMC:
I watched an interesting documentary on Jean Harlow. I have several of her movies taped.
I like the old black and whites.

I've already finished 3 of the candy corns. Photos coming.

I've put together what I call my "Research, learning and development plan." More on that later.

with friends. Last week, Connie, Nancy A., Nancy E., Karolyn, Linda, Susan, and Joanie stopped by. They've brought flowers, food, fresh veggies and mostly their good spirits. Love them all. More coming this week.

Well, I guess that's about it. I don't go back to the doctor until Wednesday. It was supposed to be 10 days post-op, but that's the first appointment. That makes it 13 days. I'm anxious. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I have a feeling I'm going to be able to be "weight-bearing." I have absolutely NO pain. You wouldn't even know I had anything done. That sounds like a good thing to me.



  1. I love the clothes in Landgirls (which I think had third series) especially the knitwear. I'm getting heavily into Fair Isle and colourwork at the minute!

    Fingers crossed for your doctors appointment

  2. Sounds like a wonderful week. I will have to check into Landgirls. And Kyle Chandler is always worth watching.

  3. Sounds like you have a very productive week :)
    I picked up a Nora Roberts book, but realized I couldn't get into it was a trilogy.
    I usually plow through a book, even if I am not getting into it, but knowing I had 2 more to read after this one...I put it down.
    My girls as well as me, love Grease :)

  4. Oh how I loved the Wonder Years! I don't think it's on the UK version of Netflix, but I'll certainly be checking later. Would love to watch a few of those again. I'm pretty sure there were 3 series of Land Girls. It finished about 5 years ago if I recall. Enjoy.

  5. My Gran was a LandGirl (all four of her sisters were too) and she met my Grantie there :)

    Nora Roberts has two sorts of books, I'm not so fond of the darker mystery versions.


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