Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What's Happenin'?

Outside my window: It's a dreary, grey, drizzly kind of day. A great day to stay inside and scrapbook or stitch. If only I could do either...

 I am thinking: That just as soon as I can lower my foot, I'll be able to stitch.

I am thankful for: How smoothly my surgery went this time. I knew what to expect so it was a piece of cake.

From the kitchen: Butch is handling all kitchen matters. Soft-boiled eggs, juice and toast for breakfast. And, of course, my tea.
I purchased this directly from Twinings while in London in August. My friend, Missus Wookie took me there on our walking tour. I was thrilled to try something new.
Opening the tin was a surprise in itself. I've never seen loose tea quite like this.
 Upon brewing, it stays nearly clear. I tastes great, so I guess this is what white tea looks like.

 I am wearing: Lounging around the house clothes since I'm, well, lounging around the house!

I am hoping: To get get caught up on many things while laid up. I have to admit, I kind of like being forced to stay on the couch. I'm not normally lazy, but this gives me a good excuse and it's actually fun.

I am reading: The Fifth Gospel. It was recommended by a lady I play bridge with. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I've already learned so much about the existing gospels. So many things I never knew. Like---the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke are considered eye witness testimonies. While John's gospels are written as the son of God and that perspective. The author uses many examples to explain things. Very interesting indeed.

I'm watching: Just about everything right now with all of this free time. I'm about caught up on my tv shows. I'm saving How to Get Away with Murder---my current favorite.

I am busy creating: I'm so excited about this new class. It's a 3 dimensional Halloween cat. This is the first panel of 5.
Just as soon as I can put my leg down, I"ll get back to it. I can't wait. It's so much fun to stitch. The cats are stitched with a fiber called "fuzzy stuff." Once you put the stitches in, you take the needle and scrape it back and forth to make it "hairy." The pumpkins are done all in beads---except the stems. I don't particularly like the white beads, but that's what the pattern called for. I'm not taking it out now. Way too much work since the beads around it are all attached. The funky off colored continental stick all around the outside is just for the finisher. Those stitches won't show.

I'm bummed: That I still have not been able to get my Starbucks account straightened out. I never received my new card, so I called again last week. I was told 3-5 business days and I'm still waiting. I guess I'll have to call again tomorrow.

I am hearing: Classical music on our new sound system. I like to have music in the background when I'm on my computer---especially when I need to concentrate.

How the wedding planning is coming along: Everything is under control. Here's a hint at the flowers:
Little tiny red orchids---they are so darn cute!

In other news: We made a quick trip to St. Louis over the weekend to celebrate my niece, Ranya's marriage to Marcelo. Justin was able to go with us, so it was the first time he got to meet the extended family. We all crammed (5 of us) in to my car. We won't do that again. Slightly too tight and uncomfortable. My hives have reacted to the long drive on Saturday and then, less than 24 hours later, the drive back. 

I don't have any pictures of the happy couple yet but will share one when I get one. I do have this one:
This is how little Josie was able to get through the loud music!! I was so impressed that Jackie would have even thought of putting earmuffs on her. Great idea!

One of my favorite things right now: What can you buy with 27 cents? You can scrounge up 27 cents easily from the glove compartment or the bottom of your purse. That's all I needed to pay for my latest prescription. I handed the clerk my credit card. She looked at me funny and said, "It's only 27 cents." I took the card back and fished the 27 cents out of my purse.

I appreciate: All of my family and friends. I am so blessed.

I regret: No regrets this week!

How the weekend is shaping up: It's a little early to be thinking about the weekend, but starting on Friday, Connie is coming by to visit and bring me lunch. Then, Mindy has offered come stitch and watch a movie with me on Saturday. 


  1. It's so good to hear you are through your surgery and already looking about for things to do. I love the sound of that 3D stitching. Sit tight! You'll be back on your feet in no time

  2. So glad to hear the surgery went well! Enjoy your recuperating time!


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