Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Finally---A Proper Tea

Thanks to my thoughtful husband---I finally got my proper tea! In Tullamook, Oregon, we had the best tour of our trip. It was the cheese factory. We got to see the production line---so fascinating. Afterwards, we tasted the cheese and then visited the ice cream shop. I had the local berry every chance I got---starting with a marionberry crisp---hot with ice cream at a really good restaurant---Georgies. A marionberry is a cross between a loganberry and a blackberry. I had never heard of it When I travel, I really enjoy eating local foods. I had marionberry anything when it turned up on the menu. At the ice cream shop, I got the marionberry pie. It was delicious.

The next day, we went to the La-TEA-Da tea room in the same area.
 The tablecloths were so pretty. All of the china was beautiful---each piece was different and dainty.
 The first course (after our tea pots arrived---cream Earl grey for me---Vanilla hazelnut for Chris) was strawberry sorbet in those tiny tea cups. Just a bit to cleanse our pallets.

We each got our own tiered plate. We had "high tea" which included---from the top---assorted sandwiches, egg salad, tuna, ham and turkey on peach bread, water cress and cheese, mini quiche, chicken and cheese puff and a couple others I can't remember. I had two of the little sandwiches, then moved to the scones on the middle plate---one cheese and the other was berry with Devonshire cream (just like clotted cream---kind of a rich butter). Then we moved down to the dessert portion. I couldn't eat any of these---I was already so full. I texted Butch that I was bringing him lunch. He got 5 sandwiches and All of the desserts and fruit---creme de menthe brownie, marionberry muffin with cream and a blackberry on top, poppyseed muffin, lemon something and a shortbread cookie. I had the cookie later that night.

"High Tea" is an event! It's fun and relaxing. This one rated right up there at the top at $26.95 per person. My favorite "high tea" is at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. It's probably more expensive now, but the last time I had it---it was about $25.00. I used to love the tea at The Plaza hotel in New York City, but it got way too expensive. The last time I had it, the cost was $89.00 per person. They included caviar which I'm sure made the difference in the cost.

My favorite tea had to be in The Cotswolds while visiting the UK a few years ago. Butch was a good sport and had it with me. You can't beat the atmosphere---enjoying tea that goes back 100's of years!

But, I have to say, probably the BEST tea I've ever had was the one that Diane made. She's my British friend from book club. Since I'm a tea lover (snob), she made the biggest spread! It was fabulous! I hope she does it every time it's her turn to host!!

I'm one lucky girl!


  1. yes to tea in china cups. it't the best. Except I always end up spilling it in the saucer!

  2. Beautiful cups - the unmatched look is very fashionable over here too. And I'd never heard of marionberries either, though they sound delicious.

  3. Looks like you had a beautiful high tea time! It all looks delicious. We like to try the local foods when we travel, too.


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