Sunday, September 20, 2015

Geo-caching in Oregon

We did some geo-caching while we were in Oregon. There were some pretty interesting finds.
 Looks just like a random post on the side of a parking lot.
 Lo and behold---there is the cache. 1st rule of geo-caching---look for something that is out of place. Why was that random post there? Just to hide a cache!
 This one started with a clue to unlock the lock.

 This one had several trinkets for the taking. The etiquette is: if you take something, you should leave something.
Butch found this cool travel bug in one. This is meant to be taken and placed in another cache. That's how they travel around the world.

If you've never tried geo-caching, it's a lot of fun and can be quite addicting!

Check it out here:

It's free to sign up. Of course, you can pay for a premium membership, but that is not necessary to have fun!


  1. FUN! We've done a little geocaching several years ago.

  2. Fun, indeed. We've done a little of that ourselves, and this summer my niece is really enjoying it.

  3. I think we'd really enjoy it. I used to love orienteering..I guess it's a little like that

  4. My brother and his family do this - they enjoy the hunt.


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