Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Few Things

This was my favorite game growing up. I didn't own it---my friend, Karen did. We played it every time I was at her house. I found this one at an antique shop a few years ago. It wasn't the shopping that I liked about the game, but the organizational nature of it. It was just the perfect game for the way I think.
 Basically, the game is based on a small town---and all the errands you have to do.
The cards are dealt out. The object is to complete all of your errands and return home first. You get a car and start by rolling two dice. Once you get to a parking lot, you walk which means you only get to roll one di. It's important to figure out the quickest route in order to run all of your errands. I'm good at that. I'm still playing the game in my real life. Yesterday, for example---I went to Starbucks, the post office, pharmacy, office supply store, bank and then ended up at Nashville Needleworks for my needlepoint class with Connie. Usually she picks me up, but this time I had all of these errands to run. I did them all in less than an hour. Efficiency at it's finest! Thanks, Park and Shop! You taught me all I know about running errands!
In August, my cousin sent me this awesome Christmas wreath. She's the wreath master! She makes the cutest wreaths for all seasons. Who doesn't love a surprise in the mail! Thanks, Cuz!
Now you may be wondering why I would post a photo of a toilet. Well, I'm glad you asked! Of the 6 toilets in this house, I've replaced 4 of them with this model. It's taller than most. The old toilets were 15.25" and the new ones are 17.5".  I love a toilet that meets me half way! It's going to come in handy when I have my surgery next Monday. My foot surgery in March was so life changing that I decided to go ahead and do the other foot while I've already met my $4000 deductible for the year! It was a piece of cake the first time, so that's what I'm expecting this time.
I finally got a new rug for the kitchen. With the pool out back---even though we have a pool bath and door on the other side of the patio, everyone uses the back door. It takes its toll on the rug. I've had the new rug since mid-summer, but decided to wait until AFTER pool season to put it down. I like how it brightens up the kitchen. Well, that and my white cabinets and wood work. I love white painted wood work. White just seems so clean to me. And I like my shiny floors. It reminds me of our floors growing up. My mom had to wax and buff them to keep them shiny. Luckily, now-a-days, all you need is a damp mop.

Lastly, Morgan sent this to her mom. Steph shared it with me. We're proud of her! After her college "false start" last fall, she's doing great! She took classes all summer to make up for the missed semester. She's all caught up and has just started her second year.

I'm looking forward to a fun day. I have an appointment with the florist about the bouquets for the wedding. Steve at Garden Delights did Sandy's wedding 21 years ago. I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Then---Connie, Nancy A. and I have theater tickets for Dirty Dancing. I've never seen it on stage. I just recently watched the movie this summer at the beach with Sandy. Victoria and Elizabeth had never seen it. Then, when we were at the lake, Jeanne, Janet and I watched Footloose. I had't seen that in years either. Then, I noticed at the end of the movie that it was the EXACT same dance sequence as Dirty Dancing. I thought that surely it had to be the same choreographer. Mindy checked it out and it wasn't I guess it was just a coincidence. Footloose came first. Possibly the choreographer for Dirty Dancing had it in the back of his mind.

You be the judge! It'll be 16 minutes of your life you'll never be able to get back---but what a way to spend it! The exact dance sequences come in towards the end, so wait for it!

Footloose---Kevin Bacon---need I say more?

Dirty Dancing---Patrick Swayze---no explanation necessary!

I dare you to watch these and then not be naturally happy ALL the rest of the day!


  1. Lots of good stuff here! We didn't have that game here. As soon as I saw your lovely box I was reminded of a scene in "Walk The Line" where Johnny Cash is shopping for toys..I'd watch the whole movie just to see the way the set has been dressed with all the vintage toys. I love it.

    I hope your surgery is just as big a success this time round. How much organising have you done in preparation for this one?!

    Gotta love a toilet that meets you half way

  2. I never played that game, but we have a collection of old games around here that we enjoy. I'll be on the lookout for this one now. :) (Catching up on some blog reading after a few busy weeks!)


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