Friday, June 13, 2014

Shoe Lessons

I never thought I needed "shoe lessons," but apparently, I do. I decided that I need a new pair of tennis shoes. With my treadmill desk, I rubbed a blister on my toe that turned into a nasty looking callus. I couldn't get the pedicure people to use the razor on it, so I bought one myself and took care of it. Now, in order to prevent that from happening again, I figured I needed a new pair of shoes that wouldn't rub me the wrong way---if you know what I mean.

I went to Fleet Feet. I don't know if it's a chain. What I like about that place is that they take a lot of time figuring out your foot and what you need. Now, I am not a very patient person and people in the south move slow. V-e-r-y  s-l-o-w! I consider myself to be pretty friendly (as my sister, Jeanne accuses me), but when I'm shopping, I just want to get in and out. This "guy" asked me about 50 questions---which I appreciated---he was definitely trying to get a feel for what I need and how I'm using my shoes. But it's the use of my name---3000 times that got on my nerves. "So, Barb, how do you plan to use these shoes?" (Duhhh, how about walking in them?) "Let's take a look at how you walk, Barb. Okay, Barb, it you would just walk across the room for me. Tell me, Barb, do you wear orthopedics?" (Uh, NO, or I'd be actually wearing them). "Well, I think I know exactly what you need, Barb. Let me step in the back, Barb, and pick out a few things for you."

When he returned, he said, "Okay, Barb, let's just slip this on. Now, Barb, can you tap your heel on the floor for me? That "seats" your heel in to the shoe, Barb." (I didn't know that). "Now, can you walk for me, Barb?" (I stroll across the floor. When I return to my seat, I tell him that the heel is slipping---or it seems too big in the heel. He says, "Here, let me fix that for you, Barb." Then he pointed out this:
"See that extra hole, Barb? Most people don't use that back one. Barb, that's the one that will make your shoe tighter on your ankle." (He was right.) "By the way, Barb, what kind of socks do you wear?" (The cheap ones from Target---6 for 10 bucks). "Oh, Barb, that could be your problem. Those cheap socks---and I'm not calling YOU cheap, Barb---those cheap socks hold moisture. Let me just show you want we recommend. Okay, Barb? (Sure if I'm not committed to buy---since you are opening a new package).

I must admit, the socks felt great---and if I wore my tennis shoes all the time, then maybe I would "spring" for them. But I only wear my tennis shoes on the treadmill. I decided I definitely did NOT need those socks for $12. a pair.

By the time I left, I had decided on these:
 They were expensive, but I only buy tennis shoes about every 3 years.

Oh, and one last thing. By the time I left, I decided to change my name. Or at least, from now on, I'm going to use a fake name.  Remember, "that's my name---don't wear it out?" He definitely wore it out.


  1. I love this story - I think I would have been running a mile. Over use of my name drives me mad too. Shoes look good, though. Health to wear, as we say round here

  2. I'm afraid I wouldn't have told him my name. If he asked I would say Mrs Macey and let him use that.


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