Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Many Zimmermann's Does it Take to Make a Party?

Two will do it----but five is better!

We all went to South Bend for Devon's graduation party. Matt and Jennifer couldn't make it.

The whole family picked me up at the airport. We headed north for the best burgers.
I've already forgotten the name of the place. Good old-fashioned greasy burger---hand patted---no pre-fab patties. Really good!

Afterwards we took a quick trip to the beach on Lake Michigan. Back home, the party began!! Joyce and Scott had the party catered, so there weren't any cooking chores. We did do the tables complete with fresh flowers.  Friends of theirs came over on Friday night. We played a little poker---it was a late night.

Saturday morning, it took little time to get everything set up. I toured the garden with Scott (I'll post about that another day).

Jeanne, Janet, Kathy---Janice's friend from Sacrament and I went to the cutest gift shop.
 From the moment you pull up, there is something fun to look at everywhere.
 There were floral borders and garden everywhere---decorated with all kinds of fun stuff.

 I love unusual things in the garden. This rust old chair with the plant growing on it was awesome.
I wanted this cute little rusty tricycle in the worst way. It was $65.00, but I couldn't really think of where I would put it. I kept coming back to it, but still I resisted. I did manage to find some really cute things. Since I flew to South Bend, I sent my purchases home with Jeanne. I'll pick them up next weekend in when we're in St. Louis.

Next up---the party!


  1. What can I say? I think wherever you go you seem to bring the party with you!

  2. What a very cute shop - we have Robbie's old tricycle in the shed! It might look cute in a flower bed if we ever get something going in the backyard! :>)


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