Thursday, June 19, 2014

Five Things Thursday

Here are five things I've learned over the past week:

1. It’s not fat that makes you fat after all. I just read an article in Time magazine about the flaw in the fat study. 

2. I’ve found out why I have so much trouble taking “selfies.” And it’s not because my arms are too short. I’m trying to push the wrong button. I realized while I was photographing flowers that you can press the + button on the side of my iPhone to take a picture. Much easier than trying to hold the phone steady and take the picture with the photo button.

3. It’s much better to walk on carpet with your shoes than barefooted. I’ve been a fanatic about the white carpet in my bedroom---and make everyone take their shoes off---including Butch---who has been none too happy about it. But today, when I had the carpet cleaning guys here, he told me that your feet leave oil behind that dust and dirt clings to. So, I’m determined to ease up on my fanaticism. Or, just maybe, the carpet cleaning guy wants to come back more often.

4. I also learned that the decline of the neighborhood we grew up in was completely caused by government involvement and their relocation of a certain segment of society. I never knew it was a planned thing. I wonder if they would have done it if they’d known how things would turn out. Probably---they needed a quick solution to a problem that was caused by another failure on the government’s part. Sounds like too much government involvement.

5. Certain window washers don’t really care about the job they do. I specifically asked them if they wipe out the window sills. They assured me that they did. They did not. When I called them on it, the guy said, “well, we wiped them out a little.” What?? They were not wiped AT ALL!! There’s no way they even attempted to wipe them out. They weren’t happy to have to go back. I couldn’t even make them do the ones upstairs because I had the carpet cleaners right behind them. The carpets have to dry. On top of that, they couldn’t get five of the windows open, so those weren’t done at all. And lest you think I’m too picky (which I am), you would be shocked to know what it costs to wash the windows in this house. And they left the hugest mess. I just want what I was paying for. If I hadn’t specifically asked, I probably wouldn’t have said anything. I won't be using these guys again, that's for sure.


  1. Our latest news from our window cleaners is that new European regulations permits them from using ladders, so they use a spray instead. All that does is leave drip marks!

  2. What happened to my comment? I spent ages 'chatting away to you' and it disappeared! I'll call back later to see if it appears, if it does it wasn't quite finished. x


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