Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Worst Kind of Shopping is....

All together now----Swim Suit Shopping! Ugh! Never have liked it. I found the perfect way to do it a few years ago. I sent Mindy and Steph with these instructions---get me anything in black, size *** (surely you didn't think I would give that away)! Perfect solution---they brought something home, I put it on and have been wearing it ever since. The catch is that I have never, repeat NEVER, actually looked at myself in it!! If swimsuit shopping during the best of times was depressing, you can imagine how it would make me feel now. Well, I've taken my new concept one step further. Today, I went and bought my own suit (s) without either trying them on, or looking at myself in them when I got home. I figure if I'm not going to see myself in a suit, I can at least not see myself in a cute one! Wink ;)!

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  1. I agree. Nothing is more depressing than swimsuit shopping. I too bought a new suit this year. And it's the first one I've bought in FOUR years because I hate swimsuit shopping that bad. I really could use another one, but we'll see if I feel up to the chore again any time soon.


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