Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mindy to the Rescue!

Whoever thought that Mindy would ever be in a position to come to MY aid, financially? It's always been the other way around-- until this week. Arrived in New York on Wednesday with $200 cash and no credit card, debit card, or checks. How could this happen? In the course of changing to my smaller travel purse---(I'm all about efficiency when traveling--wear every outfit at least 2 times, checking everything out on the internet before leaving home, mapping out an itinerary, and printing out my travel checklist for whatever vacation I'm taking)---I managed to "forget" the credit card. I had my driver's license, free parking card (spoiled by that valet parking at the airport), and even remembered my health card. Anyway, I was in a panic. Then I thought of Mindy. She hadn't arrived yet, so I called her. I knew she didn't have a credit card as we had to confiscate that in the fall of her freshman year of college. I was just hoping that she had her debit card with her so that I could transfer money into her account. Then we'd have something to work with---no way could I rely on the piddly amount she might actually have in her account. Much to my surprise, she had her debit card AND a credit card. Seems the bank in New Orleans gave her one when she opened her bank account last summer. I don't know what they were thinking, but I'm glad they did. Still, I was afraid her limit would not be enough for New York. We "burned it up" the first day. By day 2, there was already a "hold" on the card. We stopped at an ATM and got more cash. She called the bank and got the "hold" lifted, so we were back in business.

I've kept all the receipts and told her I'd send a check to cover our expenses. Somehow, I knew this was going to cost me. She already emailed me today that she charged her school books so there's another $600. In Butch's words---I guaran-damn-tee you that it's not over yet! I just hope that she hasn't fallen off of the proverbial "charging" wagon. And here her own mother was the enabler! But what a relief that my little girl actually has credit!!

Our trip was FAB! Details along with some pictures of Christmas later! To my friends going to NY next week---all I can say is wear comfortable shoes---it's not a fashion show---and dress as warm as possible---super cold and windy. Oh, and bring plenty of cash---you are going to spend a lot of time in taxi's!! And that ain't cheap!

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  1. Morgan says hi and that you forgot to call her back. I can't believe that Mindy had a credit card and she had not used it!! Go Mind! Maybe she is growing faster than you thought!!


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