Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Pool Repair of the New Year

And it was an expensive one! I've been on a first name basis with Paul from The American Leak Detective Agency (sounds bogus, but believe me, they know what they are doing) for about 7 years now. This time he has warned me that my next repair which is inevitable, is going to be the biggest of all. It will require the removal of one of my gorgeous 30-40 ft. magnolias and/or re-locating all of the underground pool pipes. Sounds like we need to get out while the gettin's good.

Soooo, with that in mind, I went back to look at a brand new house that I had formerly ruled out because it was too big. In actuality, the house has fewer rooms than this one. The rooms it does have are humongous---even intimidating to think about decorating. But there are several things about this house that are having me dreaming. It's a Georgian style house---reminds me of an old English manor house---not that I've ever seen one in person, but what I would think one would look like. The kitchen is unbelievalbe---white MARBLE countertops and tiles. I can just see myself making fudge and singing and dancing while doing it. Okay, that would get old after the first time. It has all kinds of lighted built-ins with old "bubble" glass and a killer butler's pantry and bar. The fixtures are old-fashioned (and Kohler to boot---a sure good sign).

It has this incredible old English walnut library with these really cool old fans hanging off the ceiling. You can see it from the family room below.

The biggest thing that is drawing me is the English garden. You can see a bit of it from the street through a wrought iron gate. It has the 4 brick pathways all leading to the center spot where I can envision a really cool fountain/fish pond. And you look out into this garden from the white MARBLE kitchen.

It's too big, really. Doesn't suit our needs, really. Would require too much new stuff, really. We'd have to put in a pool, really. But, ooohhh, I better find something soon, or I might weaken. That garden....

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