Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Year Older

So today was my birthday. I started it off with a dental appointment---just a cleaning---"look mom, no cavities"! (Great way to show my age---only those of you near me will understand that). Next I went to an antique store and bought some blue "stuff" for my newly re-decorated kitchen. Then it was on to lunch at P.F. Changs with my friend, Pam and her daughter, Lauren. After, we went to the movie and saw "Sweeney Todd". Well, you know I love all things theatrical---and this was no exception. Very gory and gruesome, but Johnny Depp is oh, so, hot---and he can sing! Unlike any musical I've ever seen---this one is very dark---subject matter and the lighting itself. Still, I really liked it---costumes were fab. Since I only listen to satellite radio showtunes, I was familiar with the music. Don't go if you don't like musicals or gore.

Also to my surprise, I got about a dozen emails with birthday wishes. I have a lot of cyberspace friends. I've even met a few of them in person. And I acquired these new friends without "My Space", or posting on walls or anything like that.

I'm off to Kentucky tomorrow to teach my organization class. I'm pretty busy in January and February as everyone makes a New Years resolution to get organized. I feel like such a phony---if my "students" could see my room right now!

Speaking of phonies---I feel like a phony in another way. I think I'm an average bridge player---maybe even a slightly above average bridge player. But somehow, everyone (all the old ladies in my duplicate club---about 60 women) think I'm this really great player. Sure, my partner and I win fairly regularly (winning consists of coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd for which you get $5. $3. or $1. respectively---never really winning anything as it costs $5.00 to play, plus lunch, so you are always in the "hole"---played 31 times this year and came in 16, so a little better than half), but I certainly don't feel like I'm that good. Well, something happened yesterday that makes me think I could be better than I think I am. I had to start the day with our male director (he officiates the game). He's a nice guy, but believe me when I tell you that male bridge directors can be very intimidating. I think they "get off" lording it over a bunch of women. This guy is very sarcastic, but has always been nice to me. Pretty much everyone likes me---I'm friendly and complimentary of everyone's ginormous gems, vintage clothing and newest blue or blonde hair. But mostly they like me because I do the parties and am probably the youngest friend they have by 20 years.

Anyway, my partner had a doctor's appointment and was going to be late, so David filled in for her. I told him right off that if he criticized me too harshly I would cry. Well, he complimented me on my play of the hand---saying that I made a couple of "virtually un-makeable contracts". He even said that given our opponents, he was doubly impressed. I shyly (yes, shyly) said "thanks", while all the time thinking to myself---now I've even fooled the "expert". I'm not even really sure if I knew what the heck I was doing. It could have been dumb luck. Oh, the pressure---now I have to perform. I guess that's how men feel with erectile dysfunction.

Oh, and by the way, we came in 2nd yesterday---would have been 1st had we not "blown" 3 of the last 4 hands! So it goes. I guess I'll just keep on fakin' it! Oooohhh, aaahhh!

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