Monday, June 18, 2007

Now That I've Gotten Your Curiosity Up...

My two new pets are the cutest little teensy TURTLES!!! They are the green ones and about the size of a quarter. As soon as I took one look, it was love!!! I was suddenly reminded of the first turtle I bought when I was 10 and in the 5th grade. Back in those days, my best friend, Reenie and I were allowed to ride the bus (gasp) to Riveroads Mall. The fair was 25 cents. We roamed the mall and had lunch at the Steamboat Room in Woolworths. We'd order onion rings, cokes and pecan pie. I had never had pecan pie before but it instantly became a favorite. By 6th grade, we were allowed to ride our bikes (double gasp) which was 7 miles. Always the same meal. It was Woolworth's where Reenie and I both bought turtles. I had completely forgotten about that until Jordan and Morgan showed up with theirs. You can bet I'll be scrapbooking these little guys!

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  1. post a pic of them!! I can see it now....this is just the beginning of your pet owning starts with turtles and will progress to hamsters to cats to dogs!!!!


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