Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mindy is driving me nuts!!!

There, I've said it! I know I shouldn't, but it's true! She just got home this morning. I let her drop me off at bridge so she could have my car. I got home to Mindy's laundry in the back hallway, messy kitchen with the leftover takeout bags from Richland where she ordered her lunch, pantry door hanging open, covers in disarray in the family room, Butch's recliner left in the "up" position, shoes on the floor, my computer open and fingerprinted up, graduation gifts opened with wrappings everywhere, bathroom cabinet door wide open and more of her belongings in the entry. She's like a tornado and you can follow the wreckage through the house! I just have to remind myself that it's temporary and just cherish this time I have with her.

We leave tomorrow for our family vacation on Mackinac Island. We're all looking forward to it---despite the cool weather there. It's only going to be in the low 60's all week with nights in the 40's. Mindy is bummed as she prefers hot weather. Steph and girls have not adjusted to the change in climate in Wisconsin and all have colds. I hope they are past the contagious stage when we get there.

There is so much to do and see---horseback riding, croquet, golf, butterfly house, swimming (if the pool is heated), spa, tea rooms, bowling, bike riding, etc. I'll probably need a rest after our vacation!

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