Saturday, May 28, 2016

What I've Learned About Hoarders

1. No one sets out to be a hoarder by saying, "I think I'll be a hoarder."
2. Hoarding starts by stuff piling up.
3. Hoarding starts when you never go through all of that stuff piling up.
4. At the risk of raising some fur---I contend that people who become hoarders have an element of laziness about them. Why else would they not bother to throw away packaging materials and other trash?
4. Pretty soon, your stuff overwhelms you and you can't even think of where to begin to sort it out.
5. Although you never considered yourself a hoarder, there you are!

I know there are shows about hoarders where the people have some serious deep-rooted problems about parting with stuff. But I'd venture to say that there are far more hoarders like I've just described. They don't really have a problem parting with stuff, they just never did it and pretty soon don't know where to begin. Believe me, I've had a few clients like this. They were more than happy to let me get rid of their newspapers, magazines, etc. They just couldn't do it on their own.

The reason I am bringing this up is that I'm sure someone in our family could easily become a hoarder!! Of course, perhaps she/he doesn't have to sort through and get rid of stuff because she/he knows that her/his mother will come to the rescue!! Luckily for her/him, I love making order out of chaos!! (Considering I only have girls, my attempt at covering for her is probably lame!)

Case in point:
This is the back of that family member's car---empty bags and yep---Christmas presents. The funny part about it---she/he doesn't see the problem!

Are you or a family member a hoarder without realizing it?


  1. Okay, you probably don't realize this but you have inadvertently let me off the hook on the point of scrapbook supply hoarding, because I do go through the stuff that piles up. And sometimes that empty packaging can be re-purposed. At the same time, I am a known tidier too - so I would have had the same impulse to straight up the contents of that trunk. I am always tidying up the shelves and racks at Marshalls and TJMaxx as I shop. ;-)

  2. I certainly like my things around me. I'll hold my hand up and admit it. But old packaging and stuff like that? Never.


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